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  1. D-Man

    Episode 255

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the kind words. And yes, as much as I hate to admit it, Des and Dread Media will move boldly forward in my absence. Resourceful is only one basic descriptor for Des. Creative, dedicated, and professional are some others. Silly drunk is another.
  2. D-Man

    Episode 253

    I've decided that HORROR EXPRESS is the CASABLANCA of it's genre.
  3. D-Man

    Episode 250

    What a fuckin' crock! So what we saw wasn't the movie? Fuck that. Does it seem as though, in that interview, Scott is, in a veiled fashion, actually blaming the studio for Prometheus? It's like he's claiming, "it's nothing personal, it's just business. I don't ask questions. I do what the studio tells me. Don't blame me if you don't like it." He should know better.
  4. D-Man

    Episode 250

    This Open Letter to Damon Lindelof really sums up the direction my anger has taken over PROMETHEUS.
  5. And let me tell you something else. PROMETHEUS does not make me look forward to a BLADERUNNER sequel. Not by a long shot.
  6. This BLADERUNNER sequel news disturbs me because I think it's a marketing ploy. They think that by promising a BR sequel they are exhibiting supreme confidence in the success of PROMETHEUS. "We're so sure your going to love Prometheus that we've gone ahead and started developing a Bladerunner sequel. How about that?" It's like when they announce with great fanfare that they are already planning the sequel to a film that hasn't been released yet. We're supposed to say, "Wow. They're already doing a sequel and No one's seen the first one. It must be awesome!" It's all marketing bullshit designed
  7. D-Man

    Episode 249

    Great show. Damien is the ultimate macguffin.
  8. D-Man

    Episode 248

    Hey! I didn't talk myself into anything. Well, okay. I kinda' did. But quality and fun don't always have to go together. They can be enjoyed separately. This one was definitely a Fun > Quality situation. My rating reflected this. I also wanted to give points for the obvious passion exhibited by the filmmakers. They were drunk on film and it showed in nearly every frame. Fun > Craft. It's a nebulous zone but they inhabited it with gusto.
  9. D-Man

    Episode 242

    Slothian, you've changed my life with that video!
  10. We're almost halfway to episode 300. Better start pre-production soon.
  11. If it hasn't been covered already, could we review NIGHTBREED on Dread Media? I haven't seen it in literally like ten years or more. Maybe like fifty.
  12. D-Man

    Episode 238

    A few points - In the review I mentioned a Mobius documentary on VIMEO. It's no longer there but it is on Youtube. If you haven't already, it's well worth checking out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUT1LH8ZlXo&NR=1&feature=endscreen The name of the comic artist who created Rocco Vargas is Daniel Torres. It bugged me that I couldn't remember his name. I couldn't find a really good gallery of his work but I encourage anyone that appreciates the clean lines of Herge' or Will Eisner to seek him out. Rocco Vargas is kind of a pop art science fiction saga with a real 1950s flair as s
  13. D-Man

    Episode 237

    I know what you mean, Slothian. I have yet to approach ANTICHRIST for reasons similar to yours. At this point in my life such a negative viewing experience just doesn't seem worth my time. I want to be engaged by motion pictures; emotionally, intellectually, sexually, whatever. A film that depresses is not on my list right now. Having said that, I also agree with Dread. Lars is one of our finest filmmakers. His visual aesthetic is second to none and his ability to achieve a particular tone and maintain it is unmatched. The quality of the anxiety and the feeling of impending doom he create
  14. D-Man

    Episode 232

    Needless to say, I am really, really, really looking forward to the other films in this series.