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  1. "Statistics show "the leading cause of death in America is now the Spiderman Musical." -From The Huffington Post article feedback forum.
  2. That pretty much ruled. Made my evening.
  3. Good call, Master. I could dig that.
  4. Maybe, Chadzilla, but that could be a good thing, no?
  5. Easily my favorite Tim Burton film. Yep.
  6. Coming into this discussion really late, I know, but I just wanted to say I thought JUSTICE LEAGUE: NEW FRONTIER was awesome.
  7. Venneh - Funny you should bring up incest. It just happens to feature prominently in Dread Media's next film for review. SHAMELESS PLUG!
  8. Or perhaps CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON. Beautiful film. Or some early Jackie Chan. Bottled fun.
  9. Whoa. D.W. You are fucking awsome for bringing up STREET FIGHTER. One the greatest martial arts masterpieces of all time. Pretty hardcore, though. ENTER THE DRAGON would probably be a more palatable introduction to the Chop-Socky genre. Or perhaps Mamet's REDBELT. Light on the violence but heavy on the philosophy of the machismo-centric male.
  10. OK. Here's a revised list to fit more with what you're going for. I do, however, still contend that a few of these titles bridge the gap between those films dedicated to chicks and those for dicks in that both parties may wind up enjoying them for the same or for different reasons. Others, though, are firmly entrenched within their given genre. My hope is that by the end of this process you guys will conclude that there are in fact no such thing as chick flicks and guy flicks but only good and bad movies. DICKS: Roadhouse Tombstone Die Hard The Good The Bad & The Ugly La Femme Niki
  11. Actually, True Lies falls nicely into that sweet spot I'm talking about. A guy flick with a decidedly female perspective part way through as we examine an action heroe's marriage in crisis. Spoiler: Killing terrorists together is good for a marriage.
  12. "But the idea is that she presents a chick flick and I present a guy's flick." Yeah, I know. These films sort of bridge that gap, though. There's nothing saying a chick flick has to be saccharine or that a guy flick has to be brainless. For instance, while both Stealing Beauty and Enchanted April would be considered chick flicks by any definition of the phrase I really, really liked both those films. Alternatively, While Crouching Tiger and La Femme Nikita are action oriented and therefore considered guy flicks, both contain elements that would entertain a female audience. I guess what I'm
  13. OK. Here's a rather exhaustive list of movies that I deem as being for couples. Meaning there is a good chance you will both enjoy them. They all entertain on an emotional and/or intellectual level. Some even on a sexual level. Like I said, movies for couples. In no particular order: French Lieutenant's woman La Femme Nikita Stealing Beauty Enchanted April Away We Go Cold Comfort Farm Off the Map Jules et Jim Kramer Vs. Kramer Nine 1/2 Weeks Out of Sight Malena Say Anything Blood Simple Body Heat Romancing the Stone Raising Arizona Boogie Nights Belle Epoque Moonstruck
  14. Excalibur is currently on the late show. What a fucked up rad movie that I have not seen in ages. Knights of the Round table by way of Studio 54. Nice.
  15. Suavestar, please come see us on Canada's west coast. We have some of the finest independent comic shops (in Victoria and Vancouver) you're ever likely to see. The Comic Shop on West 4th in Van. is a two story comic mecca. The best comic shop ever: http://www.thecomicshop.ca/ In Victoria we have three or four comic shops on one street. The flagship being Curious Comics: http://curious.bc.ca/ A clean, professional, well run establishment with a great selection. A real family joint. Then there's Legend Comics, Yellowjacket Comics and one other. These shops are more hardcore geeky
  16. D-Man


    Don't worry, Preston. Daddy Dread is just trying to make Daddy D-man jealous. In reality, "British hot water tank repairman" is what he's calling his meat hook these days.
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    That's cool. I can have him killed like all the rest.
  18. D-Man


    Yoda, that's repugnant. Thank You.
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    That's cool and all but I would make the baby (and the mother for that matter) wear one of those baby masks the interrogators wore in Brazil. Just for affect, you understand.