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  1. dc20willsave

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Solo: It's a fun movie. Not bad but definitely a "Background noise" movie. Mean Girls: One of my best mates hadn't seen it and didn't realize all the memes that came from this brilliant film. Films: 39 Made For TV: 1 Straight to DVD: 1
  2. dc20willsave

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    The Venture Brothers is coming back this summer.
  3. dc20willsave

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Fox is picking up Smackdown starting in October 2019.
  4. dc20willsave

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Deadpool 2: It's not as good as Deadpool 1 but it's still a fun movie. Regular Show: The Movie: Regular Show is that show I didn't appreciate on Cartoon Network when it was originally airing that I love now. The movie is basically an extended episode. Films: 37 Made For TV: 1 Straight to DVD: 1
  5. dc20willsave

    2018-2019 Television Season

    Amazon is in talks to pick it up for a Season 4.
  6. dc20willsave

    The "Good news, everyone!" thread

    WOO! Congrats on more Wilson babies!
  7. dc20willsave

    Everything DC

    If it was Gotham, maybe. Arrowverse? She'll be making out with Alex Danvers or Sara Lance by halfway through her intro episode.
  8. dc20willsave

    Everything DC

    Next year's big Arrowverse crossover will feature Batwoman.
  9. dc20willsave

    Everything Marvel

    Marvel is apparently moving forward with a movie based on The Eternals.
  10. dc20willsave

    2018-2019 Television Season

    ABC has released their 2018-2019 Fall Schedule\ ABC FALL 2018-19 SCHEDULE (New programs in UPPER CASE) MONDAY 8 PM — Dancing with the Stars 10 PM — The Good Doctor TUESDAY 8 PM — Roseanne 8:30 PM — THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT 9 PM — black-ish 9:30 PM — Splitting Up Together 10 PM — THE ROOKIE WEDNESDAY 8 PM — The Goldbergs 8:30 PM — American Housewife 9 PM — Modern Family 9:30 PM — SINGLE PARENTS 10 PM — A MILLION LITTLE THINGS THURSDAY 8 PM — Grey’s Anatomy 9 PM — Station 19 10 PM — How to Get Away with Murder FRIDAY 8 PM — Fresh Off the Boat 8:30 PM — Speechless 9 PM — Child Support 10 PM — 20/20 SATURDAY 8 PM — Saturday Night Football SUNDAY 7 PM — America’s Funniest Home Videos 8 PM – DANCING WITH THE STARS: JUNIORS 9 PM — Shark Tank 10 PM — THE ALEC BALDWIN SHOW Source. Agents of SHIELD will be returning next summer, side-stepping any complications from Avengers 4.
  11. dc20willsave

    2018-2019 Television Season

    ABC has renewed Agents of SHIELD for a 13 episode season which, considering that the last episode alluded to Thanos attacking New York...
  12. dc20willsave

    Everything DC

    Greg Berlanti is producing a Doom Patrol series for DC's streaming service.
  13. dc20willsave

    Avengers: Infinity War

    In hindsight, Marvel might have been better served to have run Avengers 4 as their 3rd movie of the year it came out, I know they wanted that critical First Movie of the Summer position but for promotion, it's kinda sucky for Homecoming 2. Gotta guess they're gonna angle for that all-important post credit sequence. As part of my gradual softening on this movie, I'm trying to look at the deaths in the context of the film instead of the universe (even if the movie itself doesn't stand on it's own). Why Peter's works so well for me is three fold: 1) His takes longer because of both Spider-sense and his healing factor. Hence more time for overdramatics. 2) The actors really sell the scene. It's hinging on Overdramatic but never quite hits that point. 3) With the Iron Man 2 retcon (That Peter was the kid at the Stark Expo), it's kind of full circle. First thing Stark ever says to him is, "Nice Work, Kid." His last words are apologizing for failing Stark.
  14. dc20willsave

    2018-2019 Television Season

    Fox has released their 2018-2019 Fall Schedule. FOX FALL 2018-19 SCHEDULE (New programs in UPPER CASE) MONDAY 8-9 PM — The Resident 9-10 PM — 9-1-1 TUESDAY 8-9 PM — The Gifted 9-10 PM — Lethal Weapon WEDNESDAY 8-9 PM — Empire 9-10 PM — Star THURSDAY 7:30-8 PM ET/ — Thursday Night Football Pregame Show 4:30-5 PM PT 8 PM-CC ET/ — NFL Football 5 PM-CC PT FRIDAY 8-8:30 PM — LAST MAN STANDING (all-new episodes) 8:30-9 PM — THE COOL KIDS 9-10 PM — Hell’s Kitchen SATURDAY 7:00-10:30 PM — Fox Sports Saturday: Fox College Football SUNDAY 7-7:30 PM — NFL On Fox 7:30-8 PM — The OT / Fox Encores 8-8:30 PM — The Simpsons 8:30-9 PM — Bob’s Burgers 9-9:30 PM — Family Guy 9:30-10 PM — REL Source. The Orville and Gotham will be returning at Mid-Season.
  15. dc20willsave

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Personal theory on the Thanos stabbing is that Tony gave him 10 ccs of Antman and/or Wasp.