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  1. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #309: Good end to a decent two-parter Superman #3 (2018): S'alright Detective Comics #988: S'ok but after two great runs this issue felt subpar and basic. Ms. Marvel #53: Writing's solid but I'm wishing the art were more dynamic. Amazing Spider-Man #806: Decent end to a good first arc. Batman #55 (2016): Pretty good. King's Nightwing's way more chatty, and even if that's meant to be the point it's a bit much, but otherwise it's good. Nightwing #49 (2016): This book has gotten boring again. Immortal Hulk #6: I don't like stories where established heroes who are part of a team just show up in another book at the drop of a hat for the sake of another character without a line of dialogue. I know it's the Hulk, but I don't buy Black Panther and Captain America arriving on the scene like silent henchmen ready to throw down. Save that for a team book. Trade Paperbacks: 18 Single Issues: 214
  2. Donomark

    Captain Marvel

    It looks okay. Marvel already did the "LOL90S!" joke at the beginning of Iron Man 3, so the slow panoramic shot revealing Blockbuster felt like a gag several years too late. And the trailer doesn't exactly explain this takes place in the past beyond that, so she could be fighting in an old antiquities town or something. I think everything looks good, but the trailer itself is pretty standard. Even the marketing with the "her" in "Hero" feels like it slept through 2017 when Wonder Woman came out. It's not like the Black Panther trailer had "Get ready for some BLACTION" plastered over it or anything.
  3. Donomark

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Yeah but Hugo Weaving is phenomenal in it.
  4. Donomark

    Episode 56: Salma Hayekérard_Depardieu "He is one of the most prolific character actors in film history, having completed more than 170 films since 1967." Rape allegations aside, there's something hilarious going from an actor with such prestige to Jean-Claude Van Damne.
  5. Donomark

    Everything DC

    That's a shame. I liked him in the role a whole lot.
  6. Donomark

    Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    Antonio Banderas, if he hasn't been mentioned before (he prolly has)
  7. Donomark

    Episode 56: Salma Hayek

    Finally finished this. I'm glad you guys agreed the ending to Beatriz at Dinner was wack. Tbh that was more than enough for me to write the movie off. You two seemed to enjoy it more'n I did. Looking forward to sending in feedback for Collateral, and will have to discipline myself from spouting Street Fighter quotes too early, even if that isn't picked.
  8. Donomark

    Help Influence Episode 58!

    Street Fighter's easily my favorite of his. Besides being a big fan of the franchise, it's one of his cheekier performances. Plus he and Kylie Monogue were nailing each other and he was up to his haircut in cocaine at the time. Seriously, if you do Street Fighter, the behind the scenes stories would put the review for that film over an hour at least. I nominate Double Impact because it's the first of several movies where he plays his own twin and is really good at it. And it's a redonkulous action film. Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Lion Heart, Time Cop...they're all classics from one end to another. JVCD is a must for his most recent work. It's personal and serious and unquestionably his best performance. Also be on the lookout for these:
  9. Donomark

    Everything Marvel

  10. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Nightwing Annual #1 (2018): I liked the character dynamics in this. Dick and Vicki Vale flirting was interesting but the book points out that by this time he's back with Barbara, so we're not just whoring out Nightwing around for the sake of it. Nightwing #48 (2016): S'ok. Dick racing against demons on Supervillain Island doesn't feel like a Nightwing story, more Iron Fist if anything. Batman #54: Utterly excellent. Whereas before I was hot and cold on King's run, this book has been on fire since the wedding issue. Batgirl Annual #2 (2018): Pretty good. Scott does grimdark Batgirl better than Gail Simone. Batgirl #26 (2018): S'ok. I really like Paul Pelletier's art. Lex Luthor Porky Pig #1: This was weird. I dunno...there's something offputting about making Porky Pig look as realisitic as possible to fit into the DCU. Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #23: Pretty good. The Immortal Hulk #5: Wow, this was good. Great. Intense. Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2: Trade Paperbacks: 18 Single Issues: 206
  11. Donomark

    RIP Jacqueline Pearce

  12. Donomark

    Deadpool 2

    Why, I've no idea what you mean
  13. Donomark

    What You've Read Recently

    See All The Stars by Kit Frick, her debut novel. I read a review copy of this sent to my store, primarily because I'm online friends with the author's husband. As such, I'm not really comfortable talking about my thoughts on this book publicly, aside from here. This is a YA novel about a high school kid in her final year before graduation, on severe outs with her friends and broken up from her boyfriend. Each chapter switches between the events of her junior year and her senior year. Throughout the book we're shown her thoughts on her friends, her boyfriend, how she sees herself in her friend group and ambitions for the future. I found this to be a very basic, average story. It's not badly written, but it's melodramatic to the point of being pretentious. The main character has a poetic voice that flows between metaphors and similes, but it feels too overwritten to sound like a natural voice of a seventeen year old who's into welding. Most of the characters speak in dramatic, almost meta-speak, almost as though they're trying to act out a teen drama, which they're written to be in. It's a strong lack of awareness that really holds this story back and made it surprisingly annoying to get through at times. There are two big twists that you're reading to get to in order to justify the story at the end. One of them is visible from a mile away, at least halfway through. The other is a genuine surprise, but the book ends so soon after it's revealed that you wonder if there was a bit of fast-writing or cheating in the lead-up to it. I feel the YA genre has better representatives that this, as all this story came down to was a breakup between friends and teenage love drama. There's really nothing going on any deeper than that. And in itself, that's fine. But it presumes the weight of world-ending importance and wants the reader to fear and fret as much as it does. I just wasn't feeling it the whole time I was reading it.
  14. Thoughts and prayers go towards his agent securing him a much meatier and worthwhile role than the one he got in Terminator Five.
  15. Donomark

    Top Ten Comic Book based films

    Pretty much this. On paper there's a ton of tragedy that occurs throughout the movie, but Taika Watiti is too busy being glib and wacky that it really doesn't resonate at all. And it comes off as too similar to the Guardians movies IMO. It throws out the identity of the first two Thor films in favor of one that's not really there. The first act is really fun though. Everything up to Thor's arrival on Sakaar (except the lame chain joke at the beginning) I really like.