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  1. Yeah, Barbara was so adamant on going after Jason, and they're sharing a kiss by the story's end. Johns has completely lost the plot with this. Batman's also barely in this thing.I think he's trying but this ain't it, chief.
  2. Too Short a Season was soooooo a TOS episode, I gotta figure it was a leftover from the 60s.
  3. The art is so good but this is ground well covered in better books when it comes to Joker trauma. Jason is also written badly. He's never blamed Batman for making him Robin or his death.
  4. Her voice tho...I never got past it tbh. I've seen Chasing Amy from start to finish twice in my early twenties, and both times I really enjoyed it. But that was almost ten years ago, and just thinking about it now really throws me in a painful headspace. But it would make for a terrific discussion from the right voices. Maybe I'll thinking of something with it for QnoA...
  5. I'm sure there's more that can be done with Flash, but they wasted never getting around to a Rogue War season, and they also wasted both Jessie Quick and Wally West. TBH Flash has ran out (rimshot) its goodwill with me since the fourth season. Once they really locked in trying to tell the audiences to care about the core STAR Labs crew and falling into the same series tropes again and again, it was just a chore. Season 4 was awful, and aside from the crossover eps I've not looked back since.
  6. Color me surprised. How much has Peacemaker even been in comics to warrant his own show?
  7. I haven't seen Clerks II in easily ten, maybe fifteen years. I don't remember much of it to be honest, but the LOTR rant, homophobic as it was, did have me in stitches because it was so extreme and mean-spirited and beyond the pale. And I like LOTR, but I remember Randall just bagging on it to be funny. Doubting that's aged well. I also was confused by the whole "porch monkey" hill. I'm wondering which holds up the least well: this or Chasing Amy?
  8. I think I'll always love Clerks. My brother and I first saw it years after we'd both entered the workforce, and it was such a seminal film for us.
  9. No reason's been given yet, but I'm sure a non-insignificant factor is that the star is pregnant. Adding that to the show's famously slipping ratings and it's not a huge surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. I wonder if Benoist is walking away from it, that being the catalyst. I always figured Flash would end before Supergirl. Still, six seasons is a very respectable run.
  10. I think Smith was flexing off a real Indie Comic Dan Clowes kind of vibe where he didn't see a problem with having a strictly unimpeachable character. He also didn't think there was much of a deal with Veronica walloping Dante at the end. IDK, I take your points but Smitch was 24/25 and this was such a different time back then. Rewatching it a few months back, it did strike me for the first time how whiny and self-centered Dante was. Before then, I always figured him for the overall mature one and Randall's rant at the end to not be meaningless but un-accentuated by Dante's own behavior.
  11. Marvel Snapshots: X-Men: Written by Jay Edidin of Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men fame (a much vaunted podcast I should pick up), this is a point-of-view story of a pre-Xavier Scott Summers, and his feelings as an outsider just before his powers start to develop. With sublime art by Tom Reilly and a really soft but felt touch in the writing, Jay explained why Cyclops is my favorite X-Man perfectly. Recommended for sure.
  12. I love his Batman stuff, but I can attest to this. It really does feel like Morrison is writing from another planet with his disjointed writing at times, and you don't know when he's going to write realistic dialogue and when he going to remind the audience that they're reading a comic book. Much of the emotions are often severely underplayed too. Like when Bruce Wayne returns to save Dick and Damian, I don't think they express much joy or even surprise that he was back, after insisting to Tim that he was really gone. I think his pre-Batman Rebirth/RIP stuff is the sanest/easiest to read.