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  1. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Detective Comics #981: With a great misleading cover, Tynion ends his run which was in many ways definitive. Beautiful artwork, great characterization as always, and a happy ending. My only hope is that this won't get squandered away and ruined by future writers, but I'm looking forward to Bryan Edward Hill. Nevertheless, this was the best Batman Family comic since Gates of Gotham back in 2011, as it was the only run that genuinely cared about the Bat Family. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #45: I find these are usually quick reads, but this was a busy issue. I'm hoping Guy's turn to the Darkstars is a trick because it was such a drop-of-the-hat decision that I couldn't buy it any other way. Ethan Van Sciver's artwork brings be back to the days of 2010. Batgirl #23: Hope Larson's run comes to a quiet close, announced by no one but predicted by everyone, if everyone only means me. It's a decent issue. Honestly her era was very average, with my favorite story being the 4-part Nightwing team-up, and even that wasn't the best. Larson's a competent writer, but she never seemed to feel comfortable writing Batgirl. Eventually she began chasing the original Burnside run, and everything just felt very lukewarm. It's nowhere near bad, the Gail Simone run is still one of the worst comic runs ever, but coming after Brendan Fletcher and Babs Tarr, this just never matched that and suffered as a result because it was constantly trying to be that. I contend that aside the Team Burnside, no one knows what to do with Barbara Gordon despite insisting that she has to be Batgirl. Practically every single story post-new 52 is her trying to "find" herself, which, as said by Gail Simone herself, is a sexist cliche for female characters. The Incredible Hulk #717: Greg Pak's Amadeus Cho run comes to an end, having started in Totally Awesome Hulk three years ago. Not being much of a Hulk reader, I thoroughly enjoyed this run. Ammy's a fun protagonist, and honestly the Civil War II tie-ins involving him and the fallout from Bruce Banner's death were some of the most compelling Marvel Comics I've read in a while. Like Kamala Khan and Miles Morales, Amadeus is a great legacy character who's difference really makes him worthy to keep around. The actual ending the World War Hulk II read a tiny bit rushed, (I wish we saw the three months of prison he went through in a panel), but it's all fine in the end. Trade Paperbacks: 13 Single Issues: 126
  2. Donomark

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Deadpool 2: More of the same of the first one. It's fun, it's funny. It's the closest the X-Franchise gets to being like the X-Men comics, which makes these some of the best X-Men films. I think I liked the first one more, but this one didn't do anything wrong.
  3. Donomark

    Everything DC

    I had no clue. It's awesome that his version of Batman, a character who in many respects is depicted as the apex of heteromasculinity, is an out actor.
  4. Donomark

    Help Influence Episode 54!

    Rush Hour seems like a given even though it's not exactly held up over time (Chris Tucker is really annoying in it). ANY of his pre-Hollywood 80s films is a must-see. Dragons Forever, Project A. But Rumble in the Bronx might be a good pick, as that introduced him to the West.
  5. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #18 : I don't think I knew Quentin Beck had a daughter. This was a solid comic book ish. Batman #47 (2016): Tony Daniel's artwork was good, but this three parter was so whatever for me. Harley Loves Joker #1-#2: By Paul Dini and Bret Blevins. This was a pretty decent two-parter. It's basically a one-off but seems to share continuity with the animated series as well as Paul Dini's Detective Comics run. The Wonderland Gang from that era returns, but Dr. Dorian from the B:TAS episode "Tyger Tyger" is included in a flashback, and the designs are all from the animated series. Part 2 has Harley go against the current cotton-candy designed version of her in her mind, arguing about her own agency and love of the Joker. There are so many Harley comics and appearances out there and have been for a while, but this is a rare one that felt like it was worth my time. Trade Paperbacks: 13 Single Issues: 122
  6. Donomark

    Everything DC

    That's cool. I've not read hardly any Doom Patrol at all, but they're a cool concept and deserve more media than they've gotten.
  7. Donomark

    What are you watching and enjoying?

    Little over halfway through Atlanta season 2, after starting the show less than a week ago. Although the last three eps I watched weren't as entertaining as everything that came before it, this is a helluva entertaining show.
  8. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Sidekick: By J. Michael Straczynski and Tom Mandrake: 12-part series about a kid sidekick who becomes a loser after his mentor and partner is assassinated. But as his life is turned around by one of their femme fatale villains, all is not as it seems as dark revelations bubble out from the surface of the past! JMS is a good writer. He's done a lot of things people don't like, but on a technical level I think he's really very good. This is a story that's almost typical in a post-2000s Image era. The whole deconstructing sidekicks and shredding the squeaky-clean image was done back during Miracleman, and has been redone with The Boys, the Pro, and honestly even DC with Post-Crisis Jason Todd and Roy Harper. So this story comes off way less introspective and original than it thinks it is. That said, this is some of the most solid Tom Mandrake art I've ever seen, and that kept me reading. I kind of like how much of the plot consists of the Catwoman-analogue being pretty much unstoppable. The ending is also interesting, but at the same time - for me - it reads like I've seen all this before. Every story's worth telling if it tries to be original, I guess, but while this wasn't bad it's really late to the party in terms of subversiveness. Trade Paperbacks: 13 Single Issues: 118
  9. I wrote a review of it here. Very much dug it.
  10. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Batman Arkham - HUGO STRANGE: A collection of Hugo Strange appearance (but not every appearance) throughout the character's history, same as the Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze collections. Honestly I enjoyed each and every story save for the final one which was the conclusion to the recent Monster Men story from DC Rebirth. Hugo Strange is one of my favorite Bat-Villains because he perfectly captures that old-school mad scientist vibe that can be used in noir-ish, moody mysteries. The ongoing thread of him knowing Batman's identity evolves throughout the decades in new and interesting ways. Devin Grayson's four-parter in Gotham Knights is my favorite take on the idea, and was always a classic to my mind since I first read it as it was coming out in 2000. Trade Paperbacks: 12 Single Issues: 118
  11. Donomark

    Avengers: Infinity War

  12. Donomark

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    The Problem With Apu: Ho man. I kind of went in with my opinion on this hastily decided, or so I thought. This was more brutal than I anticipated. I've eight hours to think on it before I talk about it on QnoA.
  13. Donomark

    Avengers: Infinity War

    That's definitely something to take away, Steve Rogers is hardly in this film. The Russos did say that was almost by design, and that some characters who wouldn't be featured prominently in this would get their get-back in the next one, but the ad campaign was clearly working off of Cap's renewed popularity of the last few years. Minstrel Mark Ruffalo had more of a felt role than he did.
  14. Donomark

    The Predator

    THAT'S where I know that guy from... I'll gladly stan anything Sterling K. Brown is in, but I wasn't too impressed personally.
  15. Donomark

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns #44: Good ish Detective Comics #980: ANNNNND this one got to me. In a big, real, personal way. I don't know if any run after Tynion's can measure up to this. He's doing things I never imagined current DC would allow anyone near doing. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #22: Mediocre. This series went up and down and ends on a platitudinous note. I'm glad the Birds don't split up again. The Incredible Hulk #716: Good ish. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #304: Pretty comic booky, but enjoyable. Trade Paperbacks: 11 Single Issues: 118