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  1. Ah, well perhaps that had a hand in the shootings after the fact. I swear I've heard that before.
  2. Both were inspired by the Bernhard Goetz subway shootings. 1981.
  3. Had a morning pre-opening shelving shift at the B&N I work at, and it was really cool to listen to this while surrounded by books, specifically the Sci-Fi/Comics and Graphic Novels section. Loved that you caught the note “Black Unrest” at Metropolis’ meeting. There’s a great article by Osvaldo Oyola on how that rightly surmised that there would be no black crime fighters in the world of Watchmen.
  4. I much prefer Paul Dano to Jonah Hill. I know the latter can be a serious actor, but I would've had to have him disappear in the role. Paul Dano is someone I've always been a fan of, so this is inspired.
  5. ^I remember you not liking that they didn't show what happened to Hollis Mason, which was later added in the Director's and Ultimate Cut.
  6. Great first episode guys! One thing that will probably come up in each episode is how every issue ends as a mirror bookend to how it began. Issue one beginning and ending with a zoom-out being the first indication. I'll be honest, I never really gave thought to the fact that Rorschach was meant to be a crappy detective. Probably because his actions catch the attention of Veidt and he ended up getting manipulated, but it's pretty funny how conspiratorial he clearly is from the jump. And more than definitely Alt. Right.
  7. I absolutely love this. Honestly my interest in this movie grew from zil to genuine, and I'm growing more excited with every casting announcement.
  8. The 1979 videotaped Macbeth starring him and Judi Dench. I must've forgot he was in The Shadow.
  9. Joker: I can't believe there's so much praise/discussion for a film this basic. The acting is good, the cinematography is very good, but the writing is about as straightforward and predictable as it gets. Do people think this movie will lead to some Joker continuity? Is that why they're salivating over this? Because all parties concerned have repeatedly said it won't so I never once entertained that idea. Phoenix does a good job, but I didn't find Arthur Fleck all that threatening or funny, so he's never gonna be a top tier Joker performer (as if that mattered). He dances randomly and speaks/behaves like a combo between Tommy Weiseau and Michael Jackson. Todd Phillips is clearly fighting to not have the Joker admirable but he loses that struggle after the fourth or fifth slow-motion strutting sequence. The whole film is nothing but sad-sack porn, amounting to "Everyone is mean to me, so be in awe when I kill people." That's it. There's no meaningful commentary on economic equality, slight-but-barely-there commentary on the mentally ill or the opioid crisis, and nothing else going on in terms of commentary aside from early 1980s New York had a lot of mean people, which seems irrelevant given Phillips' disdain for Woke Culture and our current political times. Wtf was this set in 1981? I'm sure I've seen a more overrated film, but this is at the top for recent memory. It's not bad by any means, and would be better without any association with the Joker/Batman/DC name recognition, but I was so surprised at the unambitious quality of the writing.
  10. I really dug that one, chiefly for the central performance.
  11. Plans to cover the kids adaptation? Or the Saturday Morning cartoon?
  12. I would second Django Unchained being one of SamJack's best performances. Everyone usually wants him to yell and dance like a monkey, but that's one of the most sinister character's he's ever portrayed, and it feels totally different.
  13. Donomark

    Episode 632

    Ho dear, Knock Knock. I gotta hear this one.
  14. In terms of actual *best* sidekick or Robin, Tim is often a favorite of many, but he really was super capable and always knew his limits. Dick was the first, so there was a lot of trial and error involving him getting captured and used as bait. Tim, by virtue of both his character and comic book storytelling sensibilities changing over the decades, was far more dignified comparatively speaking.
  15. It honestly looks like a killer Harley film, but people are kidding themselves if they think this is anything other than a solo vehicle.