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  1. Talked to a high school senior who couldn't genuinely remember any presidents before Obama.
  2. Man I dunno. I really think Supergirl is one of the worst CBMs of all time. It makes zero attempt at having any sense, is horribly acted with terrible special effects, and watches like its totally bereft of any effort to treat the audience as anything above idiots. I especially disliked how Kara somehow knew everything about Kal-El's life as both Superman and Clark Kent on Earth despite having never been on Earth before, nor having even met him before. Maybe I missed something, but I remember her knowledge of him came from being in his franchise rather than any other given information. I didn't hate this movie, but I truly think there's nary a redeeming quality to be found in it.
  3. XD for the record Alabama is a dirtier south than Tennessee.
  4. Donomark


    Without naming on herself even!
  6. I thought issue one of House of X was pretty cool personally. IDK how closely I'll be following the books from here on in, especially considering several characters like Wolverine and Jean Grey will be on multiple teams (I hate that shit), but I like that we're in a new era. I totally missed when the O5 X-Men finally returned to their timelines.
  7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: An entertaining but needlessly long watch that threatens to be a slog, even when it's enjoyable. This is Tarantino's most indulgent film to date. Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio are terrific, it's awesome watching them work. But the film is about 1/3 pointless driving montages. If you dig late 60s Hollywood, then this will be a thrill, and even if not it's quite a trip of a movie. But it's far from his best. And Margot Robie's Sharon Tate recalled Gwen Stacy from Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' Marvels in how unfailingly angelic she was portrayed. Also, the feet fetish in this flick is in full force. Inglorious Basterds: This is one of those films that every failed to result in a "WHAT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT?!" response from people whenever it came up in conversation. Also very long, but this one watched quicker than "Hollywood" did. Similarly to that movie, it's indulgent fanfiction but there is a conversation about the presentation of violence occurring throughout. The Basterds are equivalent to the Nazis and the brutal punishment displayed in the film illustrates that immediately. It's one of the more subversive films of Tarantino's I've seen, yet judging by its reputation, no one seems to be in on the joke at all.
  8. Yeah Hush wasn't great, which is a shame because these James Tucker movies have been on a solid uphill roll since Batman: Bad Blood, and have even been good since the first Teen Titans movie. But it was really soulless and straightforward, and not as interesting as it wasn't to be. Part of the problem is that while the comic book story, ultimately, isn't anything Earth-shattering, it serves as a terrific Batman-by-numbers adventure, chronicling his history, his villains and allies, and his perspective. Jeph Loeb puts in a lot of work into Bruce's skull, and we get perspectives on his thoughts about Superman, about Nightwing, and about Selina. Because this film A) lacked the narration, and B) lacked much of the continuity from the comics, most of the big scenes fell flat. Batman beating the shit out of the Joker watches like it happens because it's the Joker, not that Tommy Elliot was another in a long list of victims. Even Gordon is robbed of gravitas because both TKJ and NML are not referenced. It just doesn't work as well.
  9. Yeah after watching II, I can see Kirk being devastated by his son's death. They had that coming together moment at the end, and nobody likes anyone getting murdered. I loved Dan's imitation of Shatner's acting, tho.
  10. Haha yeah, it's godawful. I watched that for the first time this time last year in the hotel during Comic-Con.
  11. "The Jim Kirk Leisure Collection!" got the hugest laugh from me 😂
  12. Spider-Man: Far From Home: This was an annoying watch from start to finish. Nearly every scene is just strangled with "comedy" that isn't really humor, just people acting awkward. There are good bits to be sure, and the film picks up a lot in the second half. Jake Gyllenhall as Mysterio was one of the better realized Spidey characters from the past several years, the best, I'd say, since the Sandman, maybe since Doc Ock. He turned out to be terrific. Tom Holland is still solid, no matter what is asked from him. He and Zendaya are both better than the material, and the movie could've used more of their interactions. Nick Fury here is more or less back to form coming after Captain Marvel. But there's too many plays at comedy that it becomes a frustrating watch. None of the pathos is any deeper or realer than past Spidey movies, and quite frankly is plainly shallow. The mid-credits sequence is pretty good, and is the most "Spider-Man" moment in the whole thing. But for the first half of the too-long running time of two hours and nine minutes, I sat there thinking that this was an expensive live-action episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. It's moderately amusing at times and there are some cool bits with Mysterio, but after the PS4 game and Into the Spider-Verse, there was nothing here for me. I liked Homecoming better.
  13. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to watch Tintin and send in feedback. Like you guys, my brother and I also watched the 90s cartoon and read the comics from our library. It’s one of those international comic franchises that’s always interesting to learn about. Wish we had done it on CBFR...🤔