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  1. Skyre

    PS3 news

    Well this isn't really much of a surprise. Sony is trying to simplify their production costs by downgrading the cooling system. Didn't Microsoft do the exact same thing with the 360?
  2. Just got back my Radiata Stories game. When I get a chance to upgrade my computer to XP, Age of Empires 3. I've also been spending much of my time playing Morrowind until I get Oblivion.
  3. The Adventures of Rocket Knight for Sega Genesis and Soul Calibur 2 for PS2(attempting all the challenges I've yet to finish). My DDR Dancemats are still broken and I'm currently waiting for Grandia III(click sig for more info).
  4. Really? When I first played the PS2 version of SC2, I was surprised how much the controls were the same! I like the saint just for the fact that his weapon is like a super-nyoibo staff.
  5. Can't afford to get Soul Calibur III right now so I'm busy playing Soul Calibur II. Still trying to get better at DDR: Extreme 2(I've owned it for less than 2 months and I'm already better than Kscriv, who has been playing DDR for more than a year ). And lastly I'm still determined to beat Final Fantasy II, eventually.
  6. YAY! A news report on OUR side Jack Thompson, Meet Steven
  7. Hmm. Reminds me of a something similar I saw on the Bloodtear forums. As soon as the forums are up again I'll have to post a link to it. I believe the name of the thread was something like "Jack Thompson is a douche"
  8. I just beat .hack//Infection about an hour ago. On to .hack//Mutation.
  9. I recently got The Bard's tale back from my friend and have started playing that again. I finally managed to get past the one place where my character kept getting stuck.
  10. I went to buy Radiata Stories today, but it comes out a day later in Canada.
  11. Last Friday I got Monster Rancher 3. Good game but I still like 2 better. I've also continued playing Grandia. About 3/4 throught hat game.
  12. Found an old GBA game on sale. ZOIDS Legacy. Probably the most complex turn-based RPG I'll ever play.
  13. I still think VIII is the best, although the Junction system does get annoying after a while. VII is good, but nowhere near the best. IX I liked a lot but not one of my favorites. X is a joke! That one was way too easy.