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  1. im looking for any new final fantasy games ones that will hopefully have a better story line
  2. holy man if your plan on paying a hundred dollars for the game consider the facts ps2-130-300$ hard drive-80$ give or take game-100$ total- 310-480$ while if you get it for computer considering you have one it would only cost 85$ and if you dont have a computer you could get an ok one at a local shop for 80-150$ so after you consider this it is allot easier to just get th computer version but i wouldnt mind it for ps2 if it was cheaper
  3. attila

    Favorite PS 2 game

    what are you talkin about obviously ffx is gona win. if you ever play the game and need any help with it just help i got it for christmas and am already at the point where you fight meister seymour and have only been playing for about a day. if you ever played it tell me how far you managed to get in the game and where you ended up.