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  1. Mr Mockery

    Help Influence Episode 58!

    Pound of Flesh! It's like Taken except instead of Liam Neeson it's Jean-Claude Van Damme and instead of Liam Neeson's daughter it's one of Jean-Claude Van Damme's kidneys.
  2. Mr Mockery

    Help Influence Episode 57!

    Definitely Risky Business for a young Cruise role. Collateral for a perfomance that is very un-Cruise (Michael Mann wanted him to be more anonymous and blend in) and Eyes Wide Shut for an example Cruise working with Nicole Kidman and for what I think would be an interesting discussion.
  3. Mr Mockery

    Help Influence Episode 54!

    Police Story - Early film with great fight choreography Rush Hour - Who doesn't love a buddy cop film The Foreigner - Jackie Chan Vs Pierce Brosnan
  4. Mr Mockery

    Episode 51: Dame Angela Lansbury

    I'm looking forward to a future spin-off show featuring Statistician Ian and Vincent Price.
  5. Mr Mockery

    Episode 14.02

    In which case we'll avoid any Ryan Murphy for the near future then.
  6. Mr Mockery

    Help Influence Episode 50!!

    Definitely John Wick (Don't get on his Wick!) I don't think you can't do a Bill and Ted film as they are so very different from the parts he'd play in later life but if you wanted an alternative early Reeves I'd suggest a 1986 film called River's Edge. For a third I'd say either Point Break which was his coming out party as an action film lead or maybe My Own Private Idaho where he plays opposite River Phoenix.
  7. Mr Mockery

    The Tomlinson Awards 2017

    Okay, here are the rest. Best Feedback: The Orgs on Kate Winslet where the decide to watch an entirely different film, suggest she should have been in the Chuckle Brothers and argue about sci-fi. Best Jingle: The Beaver Most Anticipated Subject: Peter Cushing
  8. Mr Mockery

    Episode 47: Marilyn Monroe

    Those jokes were comedy gold Pandy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  9. Mr Mockery

    Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    Peter Cushing Jason Statham Sidney Poitier Michelle Yeoh Salma Hayek Pam Grier
  10. Mr Mockery

    The Tomlinson Awards 2017

    Favourite Actor Covered: Burt Reynolds Braveheart for favourite review due to Ian's furious takedown of the film's historical blunders. It was hilarious and informative. Worst Movie Covered: The Cat in the Hat. Need to listen back to some for the other categories
  11. Mr Mockery

    Help influence Episode 49!

    Dragnet, I love that film and it's a pitch perfect comedy performance from Ackroyd. Spies Like Us. Ackroyd teamed up with Chevvy Chase where he plays the straighter of the two roles. Grosse Point Blank. Ackroyd in a villain role where he's still funny but the humour is much much darker.
  12. Mr Mockery

    And the episode 1000 topic is...

    Finally, a legitimate reason to discuss Batman 66!
  13. Mr Mockery

    Episode 38

    Every mention of Space Lincoln is gold. I now want him to have his own show.
  14. Mr Mockery

    Episode 978

    Edgar Wright being pulled off Ant-Man is oft cited as an example of Marvel being controlling but directors and studios part company all the time for various reasons. Wright isn't a big studio filmmaker by choice and that's what Marvel became. I can see why they'd not click. The only reason it was news worthy is because Wright is a geek darling. Thor: The Dark World changed directors too and no one mentions that.
  15. Mr Mockery

    Episode 978

    Then can we call on you to be a Bradley Walsh expert?