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  1. There's the story told about an exchange Sir Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman had during the filming of MARATHON MAN. To prepare for a scene where his character had been up all night with no sleep, Hoffman did in fact stay up all night and reported to work on set looking like a wreck. Olivier, upon seeing him, exclaimed; "Dear boy, you look horrible! What happened to you?" Hoffman explained he'd stayed up all night to get in character. Olivier said to him that there was an easier way to achieve the effect Hoffman was looking for. "What's that?" Hoffman asked. Olivier's answer: "
  2. He's earned the right to be a dick.
  3. That's a level of deconstruction I'm uncomfortable with in my fictional stories. It's like arguing Luke, Leia, and Han are slaveholders because they never mention or offer freedom to 3PO and R2-D2, even though I would contend they're sentient. I have no idea how that relates to what I'm talking about. First I will admit I may have been confusing by using the term reconstruction in the TV tropes sense TV Tropes Deconstruction Second what I mean specifically by that example is your notion isn't wacky at all. What I would contend however is that most of these fictional stories have a
  4. That's a level of deconstruction I'm uncomfortable with in my fictional stories. It's like arguing Luke, Leia, and Han are slaveholders because they never mention or offer freedom to 3PO and R2-D2, even though I would contend they're sentient. I have no idea how that relates to what I'm talking about.
  5. Well, here's a wacky notion of mine that I can't shake loose out of my melon of a head. Taking into account that The Doctor is nearly 1000 years old, wouldn't that mean that relatively speaking, humans are like children to him? So wouldn't that make any romantic/sexual relations The Doctor has with human females pedophilia?
  6. I don't love Casablanca. Its fine, but I'm just a little baffled by its status in the pantheon of all time greats. Agreed. CASABLANCA is an okay movie but just that...okay. I think TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, IN A LONELY PACE and BEAT THE DEVIL are all superior Bogart films. I acknowledge CASABLANCA's icon status (hard to argue with success) but it baffles me as well.
  7. COP OUT is probably best appreciated if you're a fan of 80's Buddy Cop Movies as it's an unapologetic throwback to that period. Just like BROOKLYN'S FINEST is a throwback to 70's cop movies.
  8. Actually RASHOMON was already remade as a western back in 1964...
  9. What do you think about the remake made just seven years later? EL DORADO w/ John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and James Caan. For me it's one of the rare times that a remake is just as good as the original. But I think Robert Mitchum as the drunken sheriff edges out Dean Martin slightly. The really disturbing thing about Angie Dickinson in RIO BRAVO is the conversations she has with John Wayne. It's as if she speaks entirely in non sequeters. Even the John Wayne character looks at her in confused disbelief as she goes on and on in her increasing bizarre stream-of-consciousness ramblings.
  10. The first movie was a television pilot on steroids but RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER was light-years ahead of the first one. It was just so refreshing to see a superhero movie where the superheroes were having fun with their powers and being superheroes. Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis hit the perfect notes in the Ben/Johnny relationship. The only thing wrong with the story was plugging Doctor Doom into it. The writers shoulda had the general played by Andre Braugher steal The Surfer's power and go nutso.
  11. Kinda pisses me off as well as comic book fans seem to think that actors should be bowing and scraping and just gosh-all-ass-kissingly-ain't-I-blessed-to-be-in-a-superhero-movie-happy and take any kind of shit the studio or directors hand out just to be able to say they were in a Marvel or DC movie. I think Mr. Townsend did the right thing for everybody by walking. I don't trust or respect anybody who doesn't look out for themselves first. If you don't look out for yourself nobody else will. No doubt Mr. Townsend will soon get another job more suited to his talent.
  12. Sure, Robert Downey, Jr. has all the input in the world now. But that's after the success of IRON MAN and TROPIC THUNDER. Previous to those movies Robert Downey, Jr. was busy rebuilding his career after a long period of substance abuse and rehab. There was even a couple of movies he worked on where his salary was withheld until his work was finished. Prior to IRON MAN he was billed as a Supporting Actor in most of the movies he did from 2000 on including the movie he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor: TROPIC THUNDER. So I don't think being a supporting ac
  13. Putting aside the actor's alleged douchy-ness for the time being, why shouldn't he have input into the role he's playing? An actor isn't like an assembly line worker and movies are a collaborative work after all. Presumably when an actor is picked for a role it's because the director/casting director/producer thought there was something he/she could bring to the project. So why not listen to their input?
  14. I don't get how actors can have "creative differences". They are just there to act, not write their character. Edit: According to AICN, he was fired for being a douche and showing up 6 hours late to a screen test. The term "creative differences" covers a multitude of sins. I look at it as movie shorthand for "whatever happened is none of your business and we're not gonna tell you what really happened so stop asking" But on occasion there are actual disagreements among actors/writers/directors/producers about the project that sim
  15. I didn't hate TORCHWOOD but it simply bored me to no end. At least until CHILDREN OF EARTH. If the rest of the series had been as outstanding as CHILDREN OF EARTH I'd have watched it more.
  16. Actually, it's a prequel. He said he had enough material for a mini series. He also said he always says he's thinking about a sequel, and not to read too much into what he says. At least he's honest about bullshitting us. Agreed. Whenever Tarantino starts talking about sequel/prequel/sidequel it's best to just take a deep breath and remember who's talking. To date the projects he's promised us but so far hasn't delivered on: A sequel to KILL BILL THE VEGA BROTHERS: which was supposed to be a prequel to both RESERVOIR DOGS and PULP FICTION and by the time he got around to doing so, b
  17. Agreed. The best part was the last five or ten minutes. This and "Waters of Mars" were both tedious to watch.
  18. Agreed. I don't even mind Jar Jar Binks all that much. Everybody in the STAR WARS saga can't be a Han Solo or Mace Windu. You've got your heroes and you've got your buffoons. Jar Jar was no worse than C-3PO who really is an annoying pain in the ass. To me, C-3PO is R2-D2's sidekick, not the other way 'round.
  19. Oh, hey, I really like Jedi a lot. I think it maintains that genuine sense of character that the other Original Trilogy films had. It's just not as good as Empire. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK still remains as the best of all six STAR WARS. The sad fact is this: George Lucas isn't a good director. A lot of it comes from the fact that he's not as comfortable with actors as he is with technology. With EMPIRE he turned over the directing to a seasoned director and got two of the best screenwriters to write the movie.
  20. True dat. One of the very few remakes that actually manages to be better than the original.
  21. Add LETHAL WEAPON, TRANCERS, BATMAN RETURNS and THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT to that list of favorite Christmas movies. Tom and I did a BiTD episode about Christmas themed action movies once we talked about it and realized there are more than a lot of people realize.
  22. For me the best action movie ever made is John Woo's HARD-BOILED
  23. Recently saw 2010 and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Both were a total waste of my time. Especially PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. People really think this stuff is scary?
  24. Two things made me stop watching the show: When Mohander gave himself superpowers and the storyline where Peter went into that alternate future with the Irish girl. Did I miss an episode or something because as far as I know Peter never brought her back with him which means that the poor girl is stuck in a horrible alternative future and apparently nobody gives a poobah's pizzle.
  25. Watched a couple of really horrible 'horror' movies: CABIN FEVER and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION. Both were so pitiful that I have a hard time believing that these movies are taken serious. BEHIND THE MASK was a really good movie, tho. If more horror movies were this well acted and intelligent I'd stop giving the genre such a hard time.