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  1. It's been a while since I've seen episode 1-3, so I think il have to make the effort this week to sit down and watch them all. I in no way remember them being as bad as people make them out to be.
  2. Also forgive te above, I'm typing this on a bus and it's a very bumpy ride. Fingers are flying all over the screen.
  3. Loved the episode, but I got to admit, I really enjoy this film. And the prequel trilogy a lot. I thought Dan and Mike made great points, but at the end of the day, I just really enjoyed the movie I got. I expect to hear a lot of negative comments about this, but I can only give my opinion. Anyway, great work guys. I look forward to episode III and really hope you discuss the (few) paralls between the trilogy's and, how Lucas tried to mirror the father and son journey. Anyway, great listen.
  4. Adham and Ian, once again gentlemen thank you very much this was another brilliant episode. Had a lot of laughs and I'm just a little upset about the 2 year wait for Bond 24. Anyway, very happy Perves and Wade wont be returning, but lets hope Pandy returns. Thanks again.
  5. Oh man. Just started the podcast. Pandy as Judi Dench is a classic moment already.
  6. dusk20


    Well I'm in Australia. Picked up my Wii U on November 30th and have been playing it since. Got the deluxe edition with Nintendoland which has taken up a bit of my time. Plus ZombiU. But I've only been getting to that durin the day. It is some intense gaming. The game I've been playing most though would have to be Sonic Racing Transformed. Best thing is playing two player with my girlfriend. She gets my tv screen and I play along on my gamepad. No lag at all, and just as fun.
  7. What about the guy who directored Tron: Legacy. I saw that again last night, really enjoyable film.
  8. Loved this episode. Thought a lot of good points were made. Had me laughing at the image of George Lucas making breakfast. Well done. But I had a thought on a director I'd like to see take on episode VII, Brad Bird. Director of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, The Iron Giant and finally The Incredibles. The guy has the skills needed for really good action adventure. Knows all about CGI use and can handle multiple characters on screen with ease.
  9. DANTOOINE CHAPTER ONE Both Padawan exited the cave and the fresh morning air swirled around them. The lush tall grass crumbled beneath their boots with each step they took and the bright yellow sun beamed off the lakes. A few local animals were around the lakes drinking while others just kept to themselves. Off in the far distance the reflected light shone off the Jedi Council building like a beacon of light. Aiden and Jana walked towards the building while talking about trivial things. After walking a fair distance through the fields and farms, the two Padawan eventual
  10. I had no idea this movie was even being made. The trailer looks interesting, although those Zombies seem really smart. Especially when they just pile on top of each other against that wall.
  11. I wrote this about many years ago when I heard that Knights of the Old Republic III would not be made. KotOR 1 and 2 were both fantastic RPG's made for PC and XBOX back in the mid 2000's. Set in the Star Wars universe 4000 years before the movies, they told the story of Darth Revan. Once I realised that Part III would never be made, I decided to plot out and pen my own continuation story. It picks up roughy 10 years after the events of Part 2 and brings in new characters. It's not the best written, so go easy on me for that. I'm not a writer but I have a passion for story telling. I'm happy wi
  12. Oh man, episode 102. I started Wednesday and I've only managed to get to episode 9. I have many more to go before I catch up.
  13. Those surprise wolf attack moments seemed exciting, but QTE ruined it. You're so right. And the stalking from trees aspect of the game, not so great when most of the time you can't get into the trees until you find a perfectly placed tree with hand holds on it. And the fact Boston and New York lack tall building, just hurts the gameplay. Now you just run around on the street. I miss the rooftop stalking gameplay.
  14. That's how I was. The bugs alone have made this game frustrating to the point of wanting to break my controller. They cost me mission many times for no reasons. All the best though. I hope you enjoy it more than me. But I can't wait to hear what your thoughts on the ending are.