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  1. This was really difficult to decide. This whole season is so outstanding it's really hard to pick a favorite. Really the only stories here I don't like much are The Unquiet Dead (not sure why) & AOL/WW3 (if only for the fart jokes)
  2. I have been wishing practically my whole life that I could travel with Peter Davison & any combination of his companions possible, but particularly poor dear old maligned Adric. It is not his fault the writers didn't know how to write for him & that the directors didn't really give him much direction.
  3. This is a tough question. I usually start the Not-We with Ark in Space (since it's the 1st one I watched as a small child), but here are my recommendations, by Doctor: Hartnell: An Unearthly Child (Pilot & aired 1st ep, if both are available). I would stay away from pure historicals such as The Aztecs unless the viewer is prepared for there not to be any aliens in DW (heresy, these days) Troughton: The Mind Robber. This story is so damn surreal I could scream. Pertwee: Inferno. This is honestly the only 7 part story that never feels padded to me. Davison: Earthshock. The Cyberm
  4. I don't think this is so wacky at all. I personally have always maintained that his having these sorts of relations is tantamount to pedophilia. I suppose you could say that all this lonely god business has gotten to him, but it's just kind of ick to me, no matter how you slice it. IMO this whole "shipper" slant to DW reduces the show to the level of a soap opera. While I'm listing the not wacky stuff I've read so far, I have to include 2 of Mike's theories. While I don't think that the War Chief is the Master, Mike is not the 1st person to have proposed it. I think someone kicked this aro
  5. I love the DW DVDs for the extras & these particular Stripped for Actions are AWESOME, however I'm not sure I really get the Matrix type extras on both disks. Oh well, can't win them all I s'pose.
  6. My collection has recently been updated and I'm the proud owner of the Dalek War Box Set, Keys of Marinus & the Black Guardian Trilogy. Now if only my fairy godmother would grant me The War Games...
  7. After a summer of poverty, I finally decided to splurge a little, and got the E-Space Trilogy as well as Attack of the Cybermen & The Romans/The Rescue. Looking forward to The War Games & The Keys of Marinus!!
  8. Thanks a lot Yoda, I've been listening to Bigger on the Inside since it began but for some reason didn't realize there were forums on this site!
  9. All DVD's: Dalekmania Box set (Both Peter Cushing films plus a documentary about 60's Dalekmania) 1st Dr: The Beginning Box set: An Unearthly Child The Daleks Edge of Destruction The Aztecs The Dalek Invasion of Earth The Web Planet The Time Meddler The War Machines The Lost in Time Box set 2nd Dr: Tomb of the Cybermen The Mind Robber The Invasion Seeds of Death 3rd Dr: Spearhead From Space and the Silurians Inferno Claws of Axos The Sea Devils The Three Doctors Carnival of Monsters The Time Warrior 4th Dr: Robot Ark in Space Sontaran Experiment Genes