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20 hours ago, The Master said:

Still haven't seen Far From Home.

I was the same until Sunday. Keeping my powder dry, I would not not recommend it. (deliberate wording FTW).

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13 minutes ago, The Master said:

Gotta go Spice World. Superman III is... something, and it has that scene at the end that scarred me for life, but Spice World is Spice World.

Just rewatched the movie this afternoon, and if it's what I think it was (involving the sister), then yeah, that bit's fucked up.

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18 minutes ago, The Master said:

Yup, that's the scene.

Speaking as a 35 year old, that scene is as unsettling now as it was when I first saw it about 25 years ago.

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2 minutes ago, The Master said:

Just rewatched the moment in question, and the second my 42-year-old eyes saw the machine my five-year-old self went "Nope" and hid in the corner.

Therefore, Superman III has two things going for it at least: the Clark vs Supes duel that everyone remembers, and that fucking moment which mortifies everyone.

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