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Cutting back on the number of updates

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As hard as I try, I simply cannot update the site daily. Last week was a great week, what with four updates and all. But that was only made possible because two of the items, drq's excellent review of Final Fantasy 11 and James' killer video, were contributed by others. When I have to shoulder all of the duties, however, well... I simply cannot write three or four reviews / columns / articles / whatever per week. I just can't do it.

Well, I can, but therein lies the problem.

As some of you know, I'm a writer. I don't just mean I write reviews here and there; I mean, I'm a writer, an author. What even less of you know is that I have been attempting to break into the comic book industry for eight years now. What none of you know is that I came so very close in November of 2003. I mean, I was literally working on a project with an editor at Marvel from November through January, but it was canned after the editor learned that another editor had already finalized (and was about to publish) a very similar project.

While that provided this would-be writer with more hands-on experience than I could have ever hoped, I haven't been that close since. Sure, I have friends in high places at Marvel and have connections with several editors, but that doesn't get one a writing gig, now does it?

One of the reasons I've yet to get that close again is because I do not have the time / drive to write pitches / proposals after working on reviews and whatnot for Earth-2. Simply put, I'm drained creatively once said review (or whatever) has been posted. Even with the rest of the day ahead of me, the words refuse to flow and I simply cannot accomplish the work that I need to in order to secure a job within the comic book industry. Frankly, I need to focus.

Something else some of you know (and some don't) is that I am currently out of work. That's what allows me to update Earth-2 in the morning / afternoon. However, as of August 15 I will once again be employed, so updating won't be as easy.

All that said, I need to cut back on the number of updates per week. A long time ago Doran wisely suggested that I update the site daily, this way readers would be inclined to return everyday. And he was right. The more often Earth-2 was updated, the higher stats rose; and the lower they fell with fewer updates. So while I hate to let you guys down and be selfish at the same time, I seriously need to focus on my own non-Earth-2 writing.

The site will still be updated at least two times a week -- that I promise -- but I simply cannot devote as much time to it as I have in the past.

All I ask is that you please don't abandon Earth-2 because the frequency of updates has slowed, and please don't think the site is closing. It is not. In fact, there are some very exciting columns and articles on the horizon, so you can (and should) eagerly look forward to those. Great stuff. Trust me.

Thanks for (hopefully) understanding.

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