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This week we sink in to the supposed traditional post-Mania slump, but could Revenge of The Taker buck that trend and be a hot contender for best PPV so far? Austin v Bret comes to the boil, Undertaker and Mankind have a blistering encounter, and Tiger Ali Singh gets a tepid response. Also featuring a show that's a shell of its former self in Shotgun Saturday Night, and the Monday Night War comes under fire from a Loose Cannon. [ 3:08:57 || 90.8 MB ]

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Tom, I swear I had no idea who the hell you were talking about in your fantasy TNA/LAX scenario.

Konnan. I say it how it's spelt. And I'm not the only one, ive heard announcers say the same.

I can't say why I took against this week's song so hard other than it being a very dull song to dominate any music chart.

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