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Cheat programs for PC games

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Does anyone know of good cheat programs for PC games?

Backstory: I recently upgraded to a new computer. I installed Resident Evil 4 from DVD.

Here's my problem. I played through it on my old computer, beat it, and was just having fun blowing through with upgraded weapons and either the Infinite Launcher or the Chicago Typewriter. Going through it from scratch for a third time (I also had it on PS2 before I sold that console, and beat it on that platform too) sounds too much like work.

I have seen some programs that are kinda like a gameshark but I am reluctant to install anything unless I know it is safe.

Any recommendations for a safe way to install mods, or use a cheat program?

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Cheat Engine.  Works on literally everything, you just have to watch a few tutorials to learn how it works.

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