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Poll for episode 12.02

Poll for episode 12.02  

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As Mr Wilson has his plate full moving house I thought I would add the poll for the next episode so apologies if I have messed it up somehow. Here is the choice of episodes along with their IMDB synopsis.

The Old, the New, and the Deadly

Once again, Danny's life is in grave danger as a newspaper photograph showing him carrying a case with a statuette of a German eagle will attract the attention of an ex-Nazi fanatical Count and his assassins. (Guest star Patrick Troughton)

Angie... Angie
Danny's in for a trip down memory lane when he bumps into a long-lost childhood buddy from the Bronx slums, but shortly, as bullets start flying all over the sun-kissed French Riviera, the masks will fall off.

Chain of Events
Things turn volatile when unexpectedly, Danny gets himself handcuffed to a much-wanted attaché case, sparking a relentless manhunt from both MI6 and Iron Curtain agents who need to recover the case at all costs. (Guest Stars Peter Vaughan and George Baker)

That's Me Over There
It's high time the masks fell off and a crooked colossal entrepreneur finally got what he deserved. This is definitely a job suited to Lord Brett Sinclair, or better yet, a job suited to Danny impersonating Brett. (featuring a character called Ann Summers)

The Long Goodbye
Brett and Danny accidentally discover a plane wreckage, and with it, a low-cost, high-grade synthetic fuel formula, which attracts a parade of oil tycoons and "considerate" daughters, all claiming the formula.

The Man in the Middle
Someone inside the British Intelligence has turned traitor, but when Brett and Danny's efforts to smoke out the traitor are intercepted, Brett's faint-hearted cousin must come to his rescue. (Guest star Terry Thomas)

Element of Risk
A concealed microfilm in a dark grey attaché case dropped inconspicuously in Danny's luggage trolley, will trigger a game of masquerade as unlucky Danny will need to play along and act as an undisputed American criminal mastermind.

A Home of One's Own
A derelict country cottage is Danny's latest investment, but apart from its great potential, the place comes with a reputation and an unexpected secret.

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"The Old, the New, and the Deadly" because it has The Doctor.

"Chain of Events" because it sounds fun.

"The Long Goodbye" because I want to hear the conversation that will be sparked by the "'considerate' daughters."

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