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2 hours ago, Donomark said:

We're talking about an era that had Frank Miller on Daredevil, Roger Stern on Amazing Spider-Man and Claremont on X-Men. If you're throwing it against those, I needs to read it.

Claremont's X-Men, for how iconic it is, was overwritten. Stern's Spider-Man was good, but nothing of it really lit me on fire. Miller's Daredevil wasn't a superhero story. 

Gruenwald's Cap (and Dwyer, who co-plotted a lot of it) walked a tightrope for a character who was sen as a stick in the mud prior to their run keeping true to the character, but making the stories exciting and introducing massive characters and ideas and big themes that were far headier than most superhero comics of the day: The Commission, US Agent, Crossbones, the Streets of Ice storyline about (basically) crack cocaine, several stories about right wing movements subverting the youth and the white middle class in America, The Captain, Super Patriot, The Watchdogs, the fucking Scourge, fucking DIAMONDBACK. It goes on and on.

Gruenwald wrote like 150 straight issues of Captain America and the artists were Kieron Dwyer, Ron Lim, and Mark Bagley, and others. It's crazy. 

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Hack/Slash Resurrection vol 1: Tini Howard is a perfect choice for writing this. She gets the flippant tone, but she also understands the need for a heavy emotional connection between characters. She's perfect. The art is mostly great, but gets a little pinky here and there. I really enjoyed this.

Swing vol 1: this was very much of the same vein of Sunstone (same universe as well) and Linda Sejic shares the cartooned side of her husband's art skills and is quite apt for this. It hits very close to home.

Spread vol 5: motherfucker. This was amazing. Fantastic and bittersweet end.

Future Quest Presents vol 1: the first half of this is Jeff Parker and Ariel Olivetti doing Space Ghost and the second half is Phil Hester and Steve Rude doing Birdman. Both are really good. Birdman is more my speed but that's mostly because you can't do much  better than Steve Rude.

Robocop Citizen's Arrest #1: they could make this sequel TODAY and I would love it.

Sideways #3: I think the reason this isn't ringing true for me is that this is very much a Marvel book set indie the DCU. I don't want that.

Comics: 815

Trades: 25

Graphic Novels: 14

Omnibus: 11

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Peter Parker: Spider-Man #308: I love these kinds of Spider-Man stories. Where the weight of the various characters' histories sags them down a depressing present. It's why Paul Jenkins' run on the title is my #2 favorite run. 

Batman# 53 (2016): This is an A+. Terrific characterization of Bruce, top-tier artwork. Wonderfully poetic. I loved this.

Batgirl #25 (2016): This was pretty good. My main takeaway was the return of the Dick and Babs romance which the Dan Didio era of DC Comics has fought against tooth and nail for reasons I still don't know. It worked off their most recent team-ups and felt natural and sweet. The rest was fine, I don't love Batgirl being in grimdark stories but at least she's written better than during the Gail Simone era.

Trade Paperbacks: 17

Single Issues: 193

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