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Tragedy rocks the WWF as Brian Pillman suddenly passes away. Tom and Kellen discuss his career and how the WWF handled his death in the week's program. On a more positive note, this show features coverage of Badd Blood: In Your House, featuring the legendary inaugural Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. [ 4:13:16 || 243.2 MB ]


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I loved the multiple nods to the Tranquil Tirades in this episode. Joke for three people, quarter star moment, etc.

Vader's athleticism for a man his size is unbelievable. He really should have been WWF champion at some point, or at least had a run with the IC belt.

Kellan losing his composure and being unable to stop laughing during Tom's promo was great. When someone is laughing like that, it is contagious and I could not stifle my own laugh.

WWF was treading on some dangerous ground with Cornette's worked shoot promo. There could very easily have been a defamation lawsuit, as Hulk Hogan sued Vince Russo in real life for a less caustic shoot promo. (Then again, Hogan is a bit of a snowflake.)

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