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Every comic you've read in 2020

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The Last Space Race #1: I think I found it. A sci fi comic I actually give a shit about. 

The Unstoppable Wasp #1: I loved the last series, but I can't get past the art here. Can't do the manga influence. Not for me.

Weapon H #9: still fucking great.

What If Marvel Comics Went Metal with Ghost Rider? #1: god this is fucking horrible.

What if Peter Parker Became the Punisher? #1: this is really fun. Felt like an old school 90s What If?

X-23 #5: not bad. Didn't light my world on fire.

X-Men Black Mojo #1: Oh my God...this was fucking funny. I dug it a lot.

X-Men Black Mystique #1: decent. It did feel very rote.

Babyteeth #13: holy shit. This was good.

Bettie Page Halloween Special #1: the first story was fun, but the second was almost unreadable.

Books of Magic #1: so...are they just remaking the original series? No complaints here, really, because the other Sandman U reboot books have sucked horribly. This was pretty good.

Dead Kings #1: good introduction to the world. I'll try another.

High Heaven #2: still pretty good.

Infinity Wars Arachknight #1: this was...not too bad. 

Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #2: still pretty good.

Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme #2: this was also pretty good.

Judge Dread Toxic #1: no thanks.

Justice League Odyssey #2: this is kind of cool.

KISS Blood and Stardust #1: I'm intrigued, but not enough to continue.

Lodger #1: a crime book by the Laphams? I'm in...I read it. Nope. Not in.

Mars Attacks #1: I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I would check it out in trade.

Moon Knight #200: this was a slog.

Old Lady Harley #1: holy shit this was awful.

Red Sonja Halloween #1: same as the Bettie Page one, first story was decent, but the second was unreadable. Also, can we do something other than Kulan Gath?

Supervillains Unite! The Complete Super-villain Team-up: this is a really fun collection of mostly shenanigans between Doom and Namor. I did it as a read-along for the Defender's Dialogue podcast like Godzilla. Next up is Man-Thing!

And now the stuff that's been sitting on my bedside table forever:

Savage Dragon #246-7: really enjoying this part of the run.

Young Romance The Best of Simon & Kirby's Romance Comics: some of these are pretty hokey, but there's a lot of really great storytelling and boisterous early silver age work here. Recurring themes: young women are a pain in the ass. Haha! People talk all about Kirby defining superhero comics in the 60s, but he also created several genres with Simon, Romance Comics being one of them.

In the Pines: 5 Murder Ballads: this is a cool collection of adaptations of old murder ballads by Erik Kriek. There is stark terror in a lot of these pages and it was extremely compelling.

Flayed Corpse and Other Stories: I almost bought this when it came out through DCBS but it was an expensive month so I dropped it. I then picked it up last summer when Stacy and I went to Seattle at the Fantagraphics Books store. It is quite easily the best sequential work I've read all year. It's a collection of short strips that deal with horror, sex and nihilism. It's beautiful, funny and sad. Josh Simmons has quickly climbed my list of favourite cartoonists.

and more:

Return of Wolverine #2: this is really good. 

Sentry #5: this is likely a lot of noise signalling nothing, but, overall, I'd say this is a successful miniseries. 

The Army of Darkness Halloween Special: garbage from jump.

The Punisher #3: still so fucking good. This is a golden age of Punisher comics.

The Whispering Dark #1: a slog. I'm out.

Vampirella: Roses for the Dead #2: this was decent

Vampirella Halloween Special: not good.

Vampironica #4: this was ok. It feels like it's treading water a bit.

What If Thor was raised by Frost Giants? #1: this was a lot of fun. Something that captures that 90s WI? feel while using a modern method of storytelling. It was quite solid.

X-Men Black Juggernaut #1: This was pretty fun. 

  • Issues: 155
  • Trades: 12
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 7

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X-Men Red #9: still great.

Avengers Halloween Special: awful

Batman Secret Files #1: this was mostly pretty bad. Some great art though.

Daredevil #610: still great.

Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special #1: I can't stress enough how fun this was.

Edgar Allan poe's Snifter of Terror #1: not good.

Extermination #4: great!

Green Lantern/Huckleberry Hound Special #1: this is a great examination of race and police brutality. Recommended reading...weirdly.

Heroes in Crisis #2: did people hate this? This is really good!

Hex Wives #1: awful.

Ice Cream Man #8: so fucking good.

Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman Witching Hour #1: really good.

Man-eaters #2: ehhh, I think I'm out.

Marvel Two-In-One #11: great.

Multiple Man #5: solid ending.

Nightwing/Magilla Gorilla Special #1: pretty good.

Old Man Hawkeye #10: pretty good.

Old Man Logan #50: great ending.

Planet of the Apes The Time of Man #1: nawww

Sex Death Revolution #1: I'll take "comics that don't come anywhere near living up to their title for 400 please alex."

Spider-Force #1: I have no fucking idea what's happening, but I'll give it another.

Superman/Top Cat Special #1: awful

Uber Invasion #17: so great.

Vault of Spiders#1: no thank you

What If Magik Became Sorcerer Supreme? #1: this was good.

Wytches Bad Egg Special: really fucking good. This is basically a graphic novel prelude to volume two I guess.

X-Men Black Emma Frost #1: decent.

  • Issues: 182
  • Trades: 12
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 7

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Sunstone, Vol. 1 hardcover - collects vol. 1-3 of the Image TPB collections, which in turn collected a bunch of webcomics off DeviantArt.

The most adorable BDSM erotica you're likely to see. It's definitely NSFW, but the real focus here is Stjepan Sejic's utterly goofy sense of humor and loving characterizations of two people stumbling towards each other as they get deeper and deeper into what began as a FWB situation. Charming as all hell, and that's not even taking into account the absolutely stunning artwork.

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