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I unapologetically love Ghostrider 2.

I know. Why you do is what I don't know....

Because it's glorious. You get Tony Head, Idris Elba, and Christopher Lambert. Cage is completely and totally insane, like "Wicker Man" levels. He even makes a bee joke! It's "The Room" of superhero movies.

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RDJ says he is willing to do Iron Man 4 if Mel Gibson directs it.

Well, first off, he has changed so much. Nobody should make a case for somebody who just wants forgiveness but hasn’t changed, but he’s a fundamentally different guy. I think it was just the very worst aspects of somebody’s psyche being treated as though they were the blanket statement about a person.

The substance abuse I can see giving a second chance for. The antisemitism is a whole different thing in Hollywood.

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There are several things to consider. First of all, Marvel actually has a good relationship with Sony in regards to Spider-Man. They've already had amicable deals in the past, such as the handoff of the Spider-Man TV and merchandising rights from Sony to Disney (which unfortunately ended Spectacular Spider-Man, but whatever). This is completely different from Marvel's relationship with Fox, which is pretty much "they want each other dead."

Marvel gets money from Spider-Man merch, while they really don't for X-Men or FF. Suffice it to say that while they might like to have the Spidey films under the Disney umbrella, Spider-Man being a profitable franchise under Sony is still getting Marvel and Disney tons of money. And if they can both work together, it's all for the better.

And Disney already has experience dealing with other studios having Marvel film rights. Paramount actually had a claim on Hulk and Iron Man to a small degree because those were previously Paramount film series, so Disney worked out a deal where they put the Paramount logo at the beginning of Avengers instead of the Disney one but otherwise changed nothing and everyone was happy.

At this point, having Spider-Man be one of the Avengers would give the Spidey films a huge boost and make Avengers more fun and more complete.

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