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I'm ok with them being too hands on. They make the damn comics to begin with so they know what they are doing. It's worked every movie so far. Just like actors, directors have egos that sometimes won't let them do a movie that they don't control everything on.

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True, it is never said, but I find it very hard to believe her hatred for him has been quelled. It was a Stark-made bomb that killed her parents, another one tormented she and Pietro for days, and it was Tony's AI death machine that ended her brother's life. It only makes sense for her to still hate him.

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Wanda has to side with Steve and Clint for two reasons:

1. She still hates Tony.

2. Hawkeye's pep-talk is what kicked her ass into becoming an Avenger.

Plus her and Vision being on different sides could lead to some nice robosexual tension between the two.

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