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I'm listening to Episode 32 of WFP, and @James D. and @The Master are discussing DVD sets for the 90's Marvel cartoons and how the obstacles to releasing seem insurmountable.

With Disney Plus it has all worked out well. I've got a big backlog of TV shows to watch. Plus Netflix and so forth, so I'm basically never going to catch up. It's a good problem to have.

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It honestly just hit the right combination of things. At that point, Disney was still a year off from buying Marvel. A handful of different studios owned stuff (conincidentally, Disney had some distribution rights to a few of those at the time). That said, looking at the larger catalog, there's still some stuff we're unlikely to see on Disney+ anytime soon namely the 67 Fantastic Four series (Hanna-Barbera still owns that), The Spectacular Spider-Man (Sony produced it), or The Marvel Super Hero Show (because the animation on those is ROUGH and who even has nostalgia for them?).

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Bringing Kang into Ant-Man 3 risks making him the butt of jokes, thus kneecapping him before he can get out of the gate, but I trust they can pull it off.

My hope is that he somehow rids The Avengers of the ability to time travel. So that from now on their actions have consequences that cannot be undone with a trip through time.

If anything, Kang will just have a minor cameo a la Thanos in The Avengers. Making him the (or a) main villain in an Ant-Man movie seems too small a role for him.

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