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And mustachioed George Michael on a Segue.

Overall, AD was a huge disappointment. I would only count about four episodes in the funny category. The characters were used to service jokes which is something the show never really did before. The whole interlocking plot thing, while clever, was tedious by about the third episode and never changed in my mind after that.

The Maria Bamford stuff was grand. There was far too little Buster. Lucille's episode being one of the best made me wish they did away with so much of the fat and concentrated more on her. Michael was a completely different character. The Ron Howard stuff was awkward at best and the Mongol thing was the only joke in the last episode that worked.

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I really worry about Netflix and their growth vs investment. They've got about 36 million subscribers worldwide, that's not to be sniffed at, but House of Cards is costing $200 million for a two season commitment. Arrested development was reputed to cost almost that for one. They've got Hemlock Grove, Orange is the new Black and a further $200 million commitment from Dreamworks to produce original animated content. Then there's the contracts they hold for their existing content, for exclusive online rights to Breaking Bad for example. These are huge risks and they're extremely cagey about releasing information about the speed of their growth or their proportions in non-US nations. As an investor I'd worry about how closely guarded they keep that info, I wouldn't be shocked to see the business turn into a bubble that just expands until it implodes sometime in the future.

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