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What do you mean?

Myspace is a Social Network, People can Sighn Up, And make there pages, And I have a account on a program that makes custom Social Networks, SO think of it as a MySpace but for Earth-2

I just oredered the PHP code for my network (lego space and the sports sanctum) and I am going to download the networks on to my site. You know, using HTML basically, So if you want me to make one it wont be hard to install anywhere.

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No, that's fine, Doug. I don't need another social network thing to eat my time.

Sorry about that, DW. I try to keep everyone who works for in the top friends list, and I, sadly, overlooked your profile. <_<

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I noticed I'm not in one of the top friends spaces.

This is highly unacceptable.

To quote one of my favorite Dilbert strips ever:

You stink of unimportance.


Hey James did you know there was a animated dilbert seriese, just go to youtube and search dilbert, trust me you will love, it never gets old...

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I have the whole series on DVD. It was criminally underrated and died long before it should have.

Your Right the Seriese was totaly under-rated

Yoda: I will manage it for you, my net works are as dead as a doornail, so is forum, I really need something to run.

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