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Flickchart, really fun website. It gives you two movies at random and you choose which one you like better all the while making a list of your favorite films of all time. Don't expect your list to be completely accurate at first, but trust me it'll get there. It really makes you think about which film you actually like better, Empire vs Blade Runner, I wanted to kill a baby. Give it a shot.

I am now addicted to this site. This is both a great and terrible thing.

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This pretty much sums up what being British is about doesn't it? Rules, regulations, and making everything complicated just because you can.


No, that reflects a structure of governance and geographical terms.

Being British does not quintessentially mean we love making rules, regulations, and making everything complicated for slow-witted Americans. Being British means living within that big blue circle within your venn diagram; otherwise, everyone within said circle is an individual who does not conform to lazy stereotyping.

I conform to lazy stereotyping, but I'm very much the podcast exception to prove the rule.

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