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Frank Herbert’s Dune has already been given the David Lynch treatment as a movie and served as the source for a miniseries on the Sci-Fi network (two, actually, if you count the sequel, The Children of Dune). Despite already having two memorable versions, the story is still ripe for retelling, and Peter Berg (The Kingdom) has announced that he’s going to be the one calling the shots on the next adaptation.

Berg told MTV Movies Blog that he will be directing Dune and that, were there not a writer’s strike going on, they would already be into pre-production on the movie. While no writer is lined up yet to handle script duties, there is a list of people Berg intends to pursue at the end of the strike.

At least Berg seems to know the scope of the project he’s taking on. This is going to be a big picture. ”Big, big, big,” Berg told the Blog. He also thinks that Lynch’s fragmented telling of the story leaves the door open for a different interpretation of the story. Here’s hoping Berg’s version is a little more accessible to audiences than Lynch’s version was.


How many times are they going to remake this book?

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