The 90s return!

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Holly crap! These are books Rob Liefeld created!  

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Shit! I hit null vote by accident.

I voted neither.

I refuse to put money in a series that has been restarted time and time again but hasn't reached issue four in over a decade. I also refuse to support another X book featuring Wolverine in a lead role. Most overused character of all-time.

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I added a "neither" vote for you, Des.

Though Youngblood looks great, I'm excited to see Wolverine in a bona fide leadership position. It's one thing for him to lead the X-Men for an issue or two, but this is the first time I can recall him ever being the leader for an extended period. Yes he's overexposed, but this could help shed some new light on the character. How does the lone wolf deal with leading a pack? That's what has me interested.

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I'm going to pitch a book to Marvel called the Wolverine Variety show. Just Wolverine doing stupid shit for laughs. That way, Marvel will greenlight it because all you need is a slightly different take on the character and you've got a new book.

Or maybe a MAX book that's the same as all the other books but he smokes his cigars in that one...

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Avengers The Initiative is one of the more pleasant suprises from Marvel recently.

Before I developed a deep , unabiding hatred for trhe man's contempt for a decent story, I wanted A:tI to be good. I was actually thinking to myself "I'm going to be buying 3 Avengers titles when last year I only read 3 Marvel titles!"

I was bored and put off by poor characterization of some of my favorite Marvel characters (Justice, Pym and War Machine).

Then came She-Hulk #21...

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