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Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes

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Found an interesting list of the top 10 superheroes this weekend.

A few issues:

1) Green Lantern at 10? IMO Green Lantern is at the level of a Herald in Marvel Universe

2) Professor X should be nowhere near this list.

3) What's the Sentry doing below the Hulk? The Hulk should be at #10, if he's even on this list. I'd put the Flash on the list ahead of the Hulk.

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That list is seriously a mess.

Using those characters, my list would go:

10. Hulk

09. Martian Manhunter

08. Sentry

07. Professor Xavier

06. Black Bolt

05. Superman

04. Green Lantern

03. Doctor Strange

02. Silver Surfer

01. Thor

However, if I made my own list:

10. Sentry

09. Nova

08. Professor Xavier

07. Black Bolt

06. Superman

05. Green Lantern

04. Doctor Strange

03. Silver Surfer

02. Thor

01. Phoenix

The reason I'd put Sentry so low is because his fractured mind has to be taken into consideration.

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