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Several DCAU voice actors are slated to be at Dragon*con this year including CCH Pounder (Amanda Waller) and John Glover (Riddler~!).

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Watching some Justice League (and introducing Chris to JLU, how such a huge Brave and the Bold fan never watched it I'll never know), and just reached Fury and Legends and it's a very curious couple of episodes to put side by side. It's weird to see the team roll their eyes at the attitudes towards women in Legends when they've just done a big story about a the opposite end of the spectrum, with a man-hating amazon trying to wipe them out. Which on reflection as a story is almost as much of a relic as Legends was to them at the time because it's so patronising- Oh look women can fight fires and fly planes, queue the inspirational music as they do this etc, all the stuff that you'd take for granted now. It's also just funny to see Hawkgirl go from 'men-don't knock it til you try it' to that other extreme where she's forced to bake cookies.

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