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Actually watched things this past month besides wrestling.  Go me.

The Gifted (Season 2) - I thought this was a 12 episode season, so I watched the first 12 and then found out their were 4 more.  I was into the first 12, not so much the back 4.  The break in momentum might be why.  Or it could be the constant 'getting heat' to use a wrestling phrase.  At least it ended in a more of less satisfying way because it doesn't look like a season 3 is in the cards.

Titans (Season 1) - Objectively I dislike this show.  I don't like all the murder-killin'.  I don't think all that much actually happens over the 10 episodes.  And it really felt like 'Backdoor Pilot: The Series' half the time.  Yet every new episode, I found myself constantly thinking "hey, they worked out things and this is about to turn a corner".   But it never did.  Probably give season 2 a chance to see if things change or not.

Cobra Kai (Season 1) - Now that was good.  I like that everyone is a bit of a jerk, but at the same time not.  Felt real.  Would have been easy to go back to black/white, but they went with a nice grey. 

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