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Page 6 on Twitter:

Joel Schumacher has estimated that he’s had up to 20,000 sexual partners

And a comment under that Tweet:

Is he counting the people who paid money to see “Batman & Robin” as people he F***ed?

I am just glad Bane is no longer radioactive thanks to The Dark Knight Rises.

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This has been the discourse over the film since the reviews came out. I don't imagine it'll be as fuckboy-defensive as people are expecting it to be, but I don't think it'll be nearly as self-aware of itself as it really should be either. It's gotten such rave critical reviews, I can't help but he intrigued, but it also doesn't look like more than what it is, which is your basic "One Bad Day" woobie-ing of the Joker to justify some really horrible, anarchy shit. Ultimately the discourse, IMO, has gotten incredibly basic fast, but the movie - ultimately - looks to be just as basic as the discussion over it, so it probably won't be worth anyone's time when everything is all said and done.

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On 9/19/2019 at 2:27 PM, The Master said:

Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne please!

Here's what I think would be interesting: The Billy Dee Williams and Tommy Lee Jones versions of Harvey Dent meet, and have the change of races described as some sort of Multiverse blip that went noticed until now.

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Via EW, we have our first official image of Brandon Routh as the older, grey-templed Superman. I'm probably wrong, but based on the trunks I'm thinking Routh isn't playing the same Superman from Superman Returns (RE: the Christopher Reeve version). Instead, I think he's playing an older version of the George Reeves Superman.

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