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- Is this the furthest any Doctor has ever gone into the future?

In "Utopia" (end of the third season) he goes much, much further.

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But up to that point, yes, that was the furthest he'd ever gone.

And Dubs, I wholeheartedly agree with most of what you had to say about Journey's End. Stolen Earth was an incredible setup, and Davies doesn't really know what to do after building up to a huge cliffhanger (although that cliffhanger was one of the best ones in the show's 45-year history. That week's wait between episodes sucked.) I've always had huge problems with Rose and the way she treated Mickey throughout the series.

This was Davies' big swansong (the specials being more of a coda), and I assume that's the reason for all the fanservice, but it went way over the top. And yes, the Daleks need to be left alone for a good long while.

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