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James D.

The 3rd Annual Mainpage Awards

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I eagerly await my "Best Listener" award!

It's true - as far as I know, only Stavros and my brother have listened to all 10 episodes! And as my podcast counts double due to the UK/American exchange rate, that technically counts for something.

Actually that would have been true when the show started but unfortunatly right now UK listeners are only worth about half again as much as other people. I don't count myself in that obviously, I surpass conventional notions or nationality, cultural identital and all that faff the little people worry about.

Of course being a British institution FYEO is garanteed by the Bank of England, so you know its good. Bigger on the Inside could have had the same treatment if only the hosts had agreed to wear monocles and drink tea whilst recording.

I've listened to every episode of every podcast since about 2006. In respects to FYEO, I just don't have much to contribute considering my apathy for the source material.

I'll agree thats impressive, but the best listener award is about the quality of the listening, not the quantity. Also, you're on the shows, so thats a DQ.

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I wasn't trying to take your "award". I just wanted Ian to know that I was listening.

Good, 'cause I've got winning fever like Kate Winslet over here. :rolleyes:

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