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Just had an offer accepted on buying our first house =)

Follow up: we moved in today. In Britain it takes 84 days to get clearance to move into a completely empty house, but I shan't dwell: we're in!

I look forward to my spare/games room!

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I just finished a 8-page project that I was procrastinating on. I do not know how Desmond Doomsday is able to write a book and raise a family or how James is able to write six books!

In fairness, I haven't finished anything, and I've barely started a couple of them.

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I went to a Starbucks for a final coffee shot before completing a paper due at midnight. Thumb through my pockets, only to find my wallet's not there. Go back to the car, dive under and between the seats. Speed back home, search car again, comb the sidewalk, scour under and on top of the desk, the bathroom, and the kitchen.


Speed back to Starbucks. Look around parking lot. Ask barristas if they found old bent silver wallet (it's more like a credit card holder). All this time, make plans to call parents, boss, and bank and go to DMV tomorrow for new license.


Speed back home. Scour car, street, and room again, call upon roommate for help. Wash, rinse, repeat with street and car, this time with flashlights and extra pair of eyes.


Arrive home. Then wonder whether it slipped from pocket while sitting on couch to put on or take off shoes. Turn over cushions, find Starbucks punch card, and then--there it is.


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