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I honestly don't know if the Venture Bros got a proper showing in the UK.

Latest podcast is up! This week, Matt, Dave and I are discussing our favourite comic book movies.

This turns out to be the preliminary discussion for next week's punch-out, knock-down, barn six brawl as we try to establish THE BEST Comic Book Movie ever made.

Listened to it yesterday on my day off from work. I have an obvious interest in the content, but I was surprised that a) Daredevil got the first look in, and b) that Matt disliked the Director's Cut. I'm interested in general to see any general iconclasm in next week (this week?)'s CBM head-to-head contest, such as Matt not liking Superman or cirticisms of The Dark Knight. As I said at the GeekPlanet forums, the Nolan Bat films are favourites and TDK may well be my favourite overall, but I can definitely accept it having slight flaws.

Personally, I'm backing Ghost Rider ftw! :yes:

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Good heavens, Chris is slacking.

We have had two podcasts go up since the great superhero movie debate. Here you will find our episode devoted to the greatest of cheesy sci-fi and here you will find the three of us espousing our love for The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy.

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