Anyone know the title of this cartoon?


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I've been trying my hardest to remember the title of a cartoon that was shown in america in the mid 90's and it's been bugging me forever that I can't remember it, so I thought I would ask everyone here.

The synopsis of the cartoon was that it took place in the future, where man would travel through space. The protaganists of the show were losing to the antaganists in robot fights, until one of the antaganists left and joined the side of good. The men that would fight in the robots used crystals to change into robots, and the main character, the guy who defected to the side of good, had his crystal destroyed in a fight. So the protaganist force built a giant robot that would amplify the crystal's shards, so if he jumped into it, he would be able to transform into a robot again. Much fighting would ensue. Thats about the gist of the show, hopefully somoeone here will know what I am talking about and will be able to help me.

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Did the protagonist look anything like this?


If so then it's possibly Teknoman. I think they used to show it on UPN, but when things finally got interesting (Teknoman fights his twin brother), UPN took it off the air. --> More info.

Thankyou. I knew the word Man was in the title, but I couldn't remember the rest of it. And I agree, when it was just starting to get interesting, they took it off.

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