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Who would win in this situation  

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Situation: Ryu & Goku both entered the World Martial Arts Tourney, they meet in the final, after 15 minutes of intense competition, Ryu throws a Shinku Hadouken at the same time Goku (not SS) throws a Kamehameha. They hit in the middle and it's a tug of war. Whoever loses this will lose the tourney. Who wins?

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Goku, even as a normal Saiyan would absolutely destroy Ryu. I don't see how Ryu could last remotely close to 15 minutes against Goku since Goku can move infinitely faster than him, can teleport, and can fly. For the purposes of this poll, however...

Kamehameha > Hadoken

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So, which Goku is this? Little kid, adult, adult post SSJ-ability, or GT kid?

Well, he said non-super Saiyan Goku, so I am interpreting him as "normal Goku" as he was during most of the Frieza saga.

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