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Are you guys tired of loading screens before the start menu like I am? I just want to get to the game, but it has to load, then load after I press start, and then load again to get to the game. Why do we even have a start menu anyways? Any time a game says "Press Start", it just goes to the real menu. Why the extra step? You don't even have to press the start button anyways, you just press X to get past it.

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Speaking of clearances. I went to a "department store" today (really one of the only remaining stores in one of Baltimore's most depressing shopping centers) and just sitting by the door were stacks of BOXED Genesis and NES games, priced at $1 (ONE DOLLAR~!) apiece.

I have no clue how or why this store would have such treasures, but I grabbed every single one they had. The cashier was utterly confused as to why I would want these or why I had such a big goofy smile on my face.

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Genesis Games - Zoop, Desert Strike, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, Golden Axe III, Star Control, NBA Jam, Chakan: The Forever Man, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, and Valis.

NES Games - Anticipation, MLB, Clash at Demonhead, Karnov, Skate or Die, Color a Dinosaur (exactly what it sounds like), Blades of Steel, Double Dribble and a little gem known as SWAMP THING~!

And one random PSone game, King's Field II.

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I don't play multiplayer, so chances of Modern Warfare getting more than a rental are slim to none.

Arkham Asylum sounds like a good bet, though I'm sure it's still in the expensive range at the moment. I'll either get that or recapture my holy trinity (Oblivion:GOTY, DOA Xtreme 2, and Orange Box/Portal) for probably the same price.

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I rented Smackdown vs Raw 2010, along with a few other games and I have to be honest. I really like this so far. It seems like they actually gave a shit this year and the Royal Rumble matches in particular are a lot better.

Yeah, when i got it, I was annoyed at how they changed things, but after half an hour, it was a lot better.

Multiplayer is actually more than button bashing now, now it's button bashing, and when you get pinned, you need skill. The championship scramble is really fun.

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These are the new characters that have been so far announced for Super Street Fighter 4.

Dee Jay - I'm very happy about this. He was my go-to guy in Super Turbo and I hope they don't mess with him too much.

T. Hawk - He's always been pretty useless. Just there to fill out the rest of the ST roster.

Cody - He throws rocks at people! Never liked him.

Guy - My main guy to use in Alpha. Again, great news.

Adon - Middle of the road character that can be fun at times. Hopefully they make his specials worth a damn this time.

Juri - If the previews are any indication, I may have just found my new favourite character. A creepy evil taekwondo girl? I'm there.

Rumors point to four more additions.

Screens of Cody defending against a kunai all but confirm Ibuki.

There are also strong rumors of a new wrestler character by the name of Hakan.

The most wanted by fans after that are Makoto and Dudley. If the latter makes it in, I'm buying three copies.

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Today is a bitter-sweet day...

The Sweet: today my PS3 (with Ratchet and CLank Future Crack in Time and Little Big Planer GOTY edition) arrived at my house after the purchase a week and a day ago.

The Bitter: I have a comprehensive exam tomorrow morning for my Master's program that I have to and will pass or I don't graduate. So my PS3 is staying locked up tight.

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Trying to decide between Arkham Asylum, Tekken 6, Assassin's Creed II and GTA IV: Liberty City stories to get on the 16th when I've handed all my assignments in and have a month off.

Arkham Asylum has a lot of hype going in, and I like a lot of what I've seen, but its hard for me to tell if I'll click with a new game straight away. Worth a rental, but maybe not the cash, at least not straight away.

Tekken 6- I've played and completed every Tekken game ever, but then again I'm not sure it justifies the full price when I've already got Tekken's 4 & 5, plus UFC and Soul Calibur to fulfil my fighting game needs. Wait for the discount I think.

GTA IV: Liberty City Stories- Intrigud, but I should probably finish GTA IV first. Another title to pick up when its half its current price.

Assassins Creed II- In spite of the originals repetitive nature I really liked it. The graphics, the adventure, everything about the engine worked really nicely. With the great reviews this sequel has been getting and the array of new weapons I'm pretty high on the idea of getting this. That was easier than I thought, I know what I'm getting myself for christmas.

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