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At year's end, this is my top ten of 2012.

10) Sound Shapes - The fact that this was a cross buy for the Vita helped it a lot, as it was pretty much my first experience with the system. I'd even go as far to say the Vita version is better than the console version.

9) Analouge: A Hate Story - A visual novel that tackles transhumanism. It's on Steam. Buy it now.

8) Sleeping Dogs - After this and Saints Row, GTA is going to need to change up its shit big time to get me interested. This was the first game I played on my new PC, so a lot of my love comes from that.

7) Skullgirls - The only good 2D fighter that came out this year. Got into it late and sadly there's no community for it. Hopefully it can grow.

6) Trials Evolution - I didn't think they could really do anything after Trials HD, but the track editor completely changed this one.

5) Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward - The sequel to 999 aka that DS visual novel game that I hated up until I realized how awesome it was. Streamlines a lot of the issues of the previous game, and just a better interface all around. Can't wait for the third game.

4) XCOM: Enemy Unknown - I'm drawn to unfairly difficult games and this definitely fit the bill. Plus it's just so different than everything else right now.

3) Walking Dead - This would have probably been higher if I didn't know how little the choices you make really matter in the grand scheme of things. Still a great piece of storytelling and I'm glad an adventure game was actually able to turn a profit in 2012.

2) Fez - Less a game than a study into the mind of one extremely eccentric developer. I held out for as long as I could on help with puzzles, but once I caved in, it just opened up even more for me. Not since Myst have I had to play a game with pages of notes next to me, and I missed doing that.

1) Journey - Forget even the artistic merits for a second. This game single-handedly fixed the one problem I've always faced with online multi-player. You don't know who the other players are and they can't talk to you. The only option they have is to cooperate with the experience or get left behind. It's brilliant. Also, it looks completely different than anything else. Those two things alone are worth a ton.

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The "Kill this specific insanely dangerous animal with this archaic piece of supposed weaponry" challenges in Far Cry 3 are mad. I wouldn't be surprised if they asked me to smother a porcupine to death with my scrotal sack.

:bowdown: :bowdown: Post of the Day!!! :bowdown: :bowdown:

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So, Aliens: Colonial Marines is supposed to be just awful. I'm so glad I cancelled my pre-order, now.

Edit: This gif basically sums up the game:


It's been awhile since I read EGM, but when I did I always thought it was a fair and balanced magazine, so I'm blown away that they gave this game a 9 out of 10. Not only are they the only review over a 5, but it was over twice the average score of 4.1.

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