Ant Man's Big Christmas Review

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For years comic companies like DC, Archie, and of course Marvel would do Christmas comics for the holidays. One comic comes to mind in the form of Marvel's "Ant Man's Big Christmas" one shot under it's Marvel Knights imprint. The story involves Hank Pym and the Wasp getting a message from a young boy who has a problem with a chain cigar smoking great aunt, two bratty cousins, and other annoying relatives ruining his family's Christmas. Hilarity and chaos comes in as Ant Man and the Wasp use Pym Particles on the relatives to teach them a lesson. There's a scene where the boy is about to have his great aunt smell dog poop, thank goodness Marvel didn't have to heart to do that. It's great to see Hank Pym become Ant Man again since the early years of the Avengers, before Scott Lang took over the mantle. I liked this one shot, second to the Howard the Duck Christmas Special. No villains, no fights, no epic story arcs, just a good old fashion Christmas story. I recommend this book for Avengers fans, or just lovers of classic superhero Christmas stories.

I give "Ant Man's Big Christmas" ****

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