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Got my next Con of the year tomorrow (Gem City, a little local con) then a break before a possible trip to FanExpo Toronto. If that falls through, then probably Wizard World Chicago aka Will, Peter, and our friend Andy go to the con for a bit then watch movies in an awesome hotel room and drink.

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I'm jealous due to the Bruce Campbell/Robocop factor. Also, why in the fuck isn't Peter on the forums?

He's mostly a lurker, he's posted once so for. His user name is Petoria. As for being jealous, it's Wizard World. The con is kinda crappy. Last year, all we did was go to the con for a few hours then drink in out kinda cheap yet awesome hotel room. That said, if you're so jealous, go. Some of the hotels in Rosemont are kinda cheap and it's an alright area.

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Hello all. Exactly as advertised and hell to the fuck yes.

This is slightly overdue, but I wanted to say that meeting all of you was excellent. It's a pity I didn't attend the convention with you due to the L run (keep an eye on that blog, because my account of the day will be published soon) and taking weight out of my suitcase in the form of vinyl to music stores (Mothers' Day is now available on 12" at Reckless Records, Dave's Records and K Starke Records, and you should buy it to offset my travel debt). Those activites took place in the Friday and Saturday daytimes respectively, then there was pizza, walking and drinking with you fine people.

On Sunday I became a tourist and went up Willis Tower wearing my Mylo top and duly dropped pressure on the whole city from the glass box. I also went to Andersonville in search of bakeries in my city guide book. I walked past two resale (charity) shops, went in and was astounded at their size - one was practically a warehouse - and their content. In Britain, charity shops are almost as common in certain cities as big chain supermarkets; there can be dozens and I do wonder how much money goes to charities when the overhead costs for running the shops are borne in mind. Also, they are quite small. In Chicago, I found the shops to be few but have the most impressive collections of donations. We should follow suit.

On Monday, the three Brits breakfasted together at the Best Western then went their separate ways, which meant I had to move my gear to my alternative hostel, where I stayed for one night. On the way there, I got chatting to a couple on the Red Line, and they ended up coming all the way to the hostel with me and buying me lunch in the next door restaurant, just because I was British. Hell to the fuck yes.

Monday night was taken up with watching the Chicago Bulls kick the Sacramento Kings' ass at the United Centre. I didn't quite understand why every time out period was taken up with cheerleading, mascot racing and pie throwing, but I'm British.

On Tuesday I flew to Winnipeg for a few days seeking more AFS promotion; two radio interviews and three gigs - the latter of which was attended by none other than Kellen! One chap bought a record, had me sign it, then said "Now I need to buy a record player." I also attended an ice hockey match between Manitoba Moose and Abbotsford Heat, and I was sat next to two Heat fans who were very passionate about their game. "Go Heat!" However, it was another game I didn't quite understand - what is the point of each player only being on the pitch for three minutes? And I kept referring to the pitch as the rink. I'm British.

It was a pity no one saw Ian do what he does best and drink himself to sleep, but perhaps next time...

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So, in random internet-surfing impulses, I've found two food trucks in Chicago that we may need to track down at some point next year. The Southern Mac and Cheese truck and the Gaztro-Wagon. Cause, seriously. Look at those menus.

Also, Will found a good Asian place that does stuff besides sushi for those of you weird folks what don't like fish. :PMa and I

And of course, Giordano's and The Yolk is already on the menu. :P

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