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They are making the most out of no longer being on Cartoon Network. This is dark and timely as fuck while feeling like a natural continuation of the series up to this point. I'm disappointed we're only getting three episodes a week because I really want to know what comes next!


Three things of note:

  • I love the set-up of Batman Inc and the amount of world building they hinted at just by showing the current make-up of The Justice League.
  • Jesus Christ, the scene of Plasmus melting off Halo's face was graphic and kinda got a gasp out of me.
  • Considering Tim Curry's current state, it is kind of understandable why the recast G. Gordon Godfrey's voice.


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THIS is the show that is the best representative of the DC World. Titans is more Snyder-ish, where this is more Nolan-ish, meaning that there's a much better tonal balance while still telling a strong story. It's very dark, but isn't mired in it and doesn't suffer for it. It's also stunning accurate to the comics. The first three episodes are heavily inspired by the first arc of the original Batman and the Outsider series by Mike Barr and Jim Aparo.


-Batman and the others ditching the League for reasons of international intervention

-All of the Markovian monarchy stuff

-Black Lightning's struggle with his powers over accidentally killing a girl

I love how modern yet classic everything works out to be.

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On 1/9/2019 at 7:41 AM, dc20willsave said:


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All of the Black Lightning stuff is great. I really hope he sticks around for the duration of the season, especially if we get more Static.


I'm surprised how much of a backseat the season 2 team has taken so far, considering they were the promoted characters. That might change though just three eps in.

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I need to talk about Season 3 Episode 12 "Nightmare Monkeys".



This is simultaneously one of the funniest and blackest, saddest, most depressing episodes in DC Animation history. If you're at all familiar with Gar Logan/Beast Boy(/Changeling's)'s backstory from the comics, this episode plays on that knowledge like a weapon. It has to be the most thoroughly torturous mindfuck that's ever happened to this character, and I'm including the time he was mind-raped by Raven near the end of the original Titans series in the mid-90s. If you don't know his history with the Doom Patrol or Steve Dayton, chances are the exposition and the way it's delivered might be obfuscating and garbled. But the kicker is how YJ as a show gets its getback from Teen Titans GO! in parodying them and their style years ago. All I have to say is that this is potentially the best episode in the series, and has to be one of the best Gar Logan stories ever told. It gives respect and shows depth to a character not seen since the original Wolfman/Perez days.



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Finally got around to the second half of the season.  I feel like the break hurt my enjoyment.  I barely remembered where things had left off.  And the first few back didn't do it for me.  I'm not sure if it is the show, or my absolute lack of bandwidth for political intrigue these day.  I did enjoy things better as the episodes went by.  But it felt like we got the season climax, and then still had two more episodes.  Odd choice.

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