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Stemming from the Nintendo 64 thread. I wanna see if this is something people would be interesting in participating in. I want more gaming discussion and I think this is the best way to get it.

I'd run it. We'd start with... 16 systems and go from there.


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This would be my 16-console list. The only ones that I think are actually valid are in red.

Xbox 360

PlayStation 3



PlayStation 2






Super NES

Sega Genesis



Sega Master

Atari 2600

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I'm going to ask everyone to make an 8 console list and do the seeds from there. Needless to say, every single one you listed will be in there.

It will be just as much about the matchups as the result. And even something like the TG-16 vs the Saturn - while neither would win the whole thing - could make for a fun thread.

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I'll give everyone until the end of the month to get their list in. That's plenty of time to type a dozen words.

Either post it here or PM me.

Put them in descending order starting with the best. Like so.

1) Playstation 2

2) Super NES

3) NES

4) Playstation

5) Atari 2600

6) Dreamcast

7) X-Box 360

8) Genesis

I could actually put my top four in any order, but that's why we're doing the tournament.

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Not really a console person, I was denied them as a kid so I only got one when I was old enough to pay for it myself (excepting a ZX Spectrum). Allowing for that please forgive my later-generation preferences.

1. Playstation 2

2. X-box 360

3. Playstation

4. X-box (can't believe I'm the first person to list this one, it's the most significant console of that generation even if its not my favourite)

5. Sega Megadrive

6. Snes

7. Wii

8. N64

I've honestly never even touched a NES so I can't comment on it.

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Someone needs to put the Saturn or Neo Geo on their list quick so that I don't seriously have to put the Master System in this thing. I'm a hardcore Sega kid but even I can admit that thing was garbage.

Strangely, zero people have listed the PS3 yet either.

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Strangely, zero people have listed the PS3 yet either.

We've owned a PS3 for a few months and only recently did anyone buy a game for it. We've mainly used it as a Blu-ray player, web browser, and a good way to watch Netflix. As a video game console, I haven't really played it enough yet to make a judgment.

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This really should be a straight up battle between classic Nintendo, original Playstation and original X-box. I voted Mega Drive higher than any classic Nintendo personally but I played that one a lot more as a kid.

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