Anyone Selling Old Game Boy, Gameboy Color Games

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Hey everyone, I just got a Wii and having a great time being able to play old games and not go on a limb to get them. But I was wondering if anyone on here had old Game Boy, Gameboy Color or Super Nintendo games to sell? Preferably Mario, Zelda, Tetris, Mega Man and Donkey Kong games.

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Games I am particularly looking for: Systems I have {(SNES, GB, GBA, N64, PS2, Gamecube, Wii)}

Any Castlevania Game for the systems

Any Zelda games, except Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask

Paper Mario-N64

Luigi's Mansion-Gamecube

Any Wario Land games

Sonic Gems Collection-Gamecube

Sonic Adventure DX-PS2

Also anyone selling their Nintendo DS(with New Super Mario Bros)I will be glad to take it off their hands for a fair price(between 70-120 dollars)

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