Episode 24


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This episode finishes off the Sporty September with 1977's Slap Shot and 1992's A League of Their Own. Paul Newman is old. And not even dreamy old. And Slap Shot is, in a word, gratuitous. Megan does get a kick out of old timey hockey, but then makes us all cringe with her fear of under-boob trauma. How does the fated relationship between these two podcasting titans revolve around a hockey puck? And who knew that Geena Davis was so damned hot? Mutant Kangaroos?! Pointy bras? What in the hell is going on? Megan gets super-insulted. Desmond's a little too insistent about how hot Geena Davis is. General merriment abounds. [ 42:32 || 19.7 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/marriedtomovies/episodes/marriedtomovies_024.mp3

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