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Episode 30

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In 1994's Little Women, Desmond will take way too long to tell you why he's not a fan of Winona Ryder. And 1987's The Monster Squad leads your co-hosts down the rabbit hole of a strange conversation about The Wonder Years. We needed a whore! Listen! Or we're all going to diiiiiiieeeee! And you might win a prize! [ 1:01:40 || 28.6 MB ]

The above is from:

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[Prize, if I'm remembering how this works correctly!]

I live here Megan, so that was the first thing I noticed about it. :P

And yes, I've read the book. It's still creepy! The movie actually makes it less creepy than it is in the book! (I have a feeling this will always be a source of difference between us. xD)

I fail to see how hiding bruises from your loved ones doesn't scream ABUSE and instead screams LOVE. Also, fucking her so hard that she tears through a pillow and passes out. Just sayin'.


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