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I started the beta last night of the newest MMORPG Rift. Holy crap it's good. Imagine playing WoW and randomly all hell breaks loose and the towns are attacked and taken over if nobody stops them. That means no quest givers, no stores, and no skill trainers until enough people get together to change it back. You can be just leveling away and all the sudden a rift opens up right where you need to be. Everyone in the area springs into action to beat back the invaders and close the rifts because if you don't it gets worse. I've only played to level 10 but I'm having a blast.

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This is what it looks like when shit goes crazy in Rift. All those lines are groups of elite enemies invading.


Here's me and my pet with a water rift in the background.


I'm a little disappointed nobody got the joke with my pet. Showing my age I guess.

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