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I can't decide which post to make Post of the Day for today, 22 March. It's between this picture of Ian and DW:


And the questions KnightWing wants Mike to ask Phil LaMarr in an interview:

Questions for Phil LaMarr:

#1: In Justice League, you played John Stewart, who was a dick. What was that like?

#2: Why was John Stewart such a dick?

#3: What inspiration was behind the dickheadedness of John Stewart?

#4: Did you receive any direction on how to be even more dickish?

#5: Were any of the other cast members' feelings hurt by the dickheaded lines you read?

#6: Does John Stewart just hate, like, everyone? Or what?

#7: Do you think John Stewart was ever hugged as a child? Why or why not?

You have until 11:45p CST to vote.

Note: The final decision comes down to me, but your votes will help me choose.

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