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I don't think we should suggest fights, but rather classify fighters so you can make the fights. Since wrestling is the predominant thing we're familiar with, we should probably work along those lines.

Top Carders-Ridiculously Powerful Superplayers

-The Spectre-DC



-The Beyonder-Marvel

-Pharoah Whoever from "The End"-Marvel

-The Guardians of Oa-DC






-Silver Surfer/Nova/Heralds of Galactus-Marvel


-The Watchers-Marvel

Mid Carders-(It'd take a couple of these guys, but they can take the top carders)


-Green Lantern-DC

-Martian Manhunter-DC

-Wonder Woman-DC

-The Hulk-Marvel

-Dr. Doom-Marvel


-Professor Xavier-Marvel

-Doctor Strange-Marvel


Low Carders-(Normal humans or weaker mutants?)



-Captain America-Marvel


-Green Arrow-DC


-Most of the X-Men/Teen Titans-Marvel/DC

I think we should set out some sort of imperical hierarchy that you can draw your competitors from. I mean, some of these characters could fit in the bottom bracket of one or the top most bracket of the other. I'm just pulling these names off of the top of my head, but we could certainly pool our knowledge and come up with some sort of workable system that you could pull out names as you see fit.

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Mix it up.

Throw in some two-on-one or three-way fights, etc. Add hostage situations. There are dozens of possibilities, and some old fights can be revamped and re-submitted to the group.

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