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I actually think the fact that Ollie's liberalism is the first (and usually only) thing people think of with his character is a problem. A political stance can't build a character; at best it can build a stereotype. If they start from the political element of his character and work backwards from that for this show, that can't be anything good. He'll be nothing more than a mouthpiece for token liberal talking points, as he often is in the comics. I think it'd be better to start with him as a person first, then develop the political angle only where and when it fits later on.

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Proper Marxism doesn't require a dictator, so Superman in Red Son is again not what I'm after. In fact the whole purpose of Marx's idea of Communism is to create a party that has direct contact and investment in the interests of all it's citizens and that they are the ones in control.

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- They show the arrows hitting the tennis balls, so that's a plus in my book.

- He's calling himself Arrow? Really? By that logic Black Widow and Black Canary should be Widow and Canary, Red Tornado would be Tornado, it's Lantern for Green Lantern, The Queen for The White Queen, and so on. By losing the adjective in the name, it makes it sound like the character put as little effort into his persona as possible.

- The narration is still flat.

- He killed a guy for knowing who he is. Huh. Not sure how I feel about that.

- The mask with the arrow in it is a wonderful tease, I just hope they don't blow it.

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Oliver Queen hasn't even graced our TV screens yet and he's already building up quite the rogues gallery in his first season. Already confirmed for the show are DC villains

Deathstroke and China White, but this weekend it was confirmed by that Deadshot will be coming to the all new CW TV show. No word on who will be playing the character, but he is set to appear in the show's third episode appropriately titled 'Lone Gunman.'


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I'd say they're different in nearly every way.

So the idea that people might compare 2012 Young Green Arrow to 2010 Young Green Arrow is totally implausible? I didn't say they were identical, I said a comparison was inevitable.

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