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I gotta agree. I mean, they're both wearing leather costumes that kinda look like fetish gear but Smallville Green Arrow is definitely a twink and wants Arrow Green Arrow to be his daddy tonight.

Laughed. For reals.

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Not that I've heard of. I haven't read much of Green Arrow, but it really doesn't seem to be within his character.

Either way, I am glad to see a DC hero get another shot on the small screen in primetime. So long as they get Black Canary all right, or at least better than Smallville, it shouldn't be too bad.

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I think it makes a lot of sense in the context of him having to survive on an island while fending off pirates and wild animals. But I suppose without that context it just looks like he decided to go swimming in a meat grinder.

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Doesn't the eye thing have to be pointed in the direction his fact is looking? That looks like it's lazily strapped round his face at any old angle.

So this show is still happening? I don't even have the energy to hate on it like I did Smallville, because one of my rules is that in order to judge something I have to have actually seen it. Wake me a year from now when it's dead.

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I think I'm allowed to look at promo material and understand it's a DC superhero on the CW network and draw my own conclusions. I've got nothing against the network, it was a good home for Buffy and Dawson's Creek ten years ago, but putting it kindly Smallville wasn't my thing, and I expect more of that with this only without the Superman name to keep it on the air.

To make it really clear, I'm a huge Green Arrow fan. I sincerely doubt they'll allow a character who is basically a communist on american TV as a hero.

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